Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello, Summer!

Hello, Summer!

Hello, end of 3k preschool and time that is going by way too quickly.

Hello, lazy mornings, no rushing to make the car line, and wearing pajamas into the afternoon.

Hello, hours spent in the backyard, barefoot... sweaty and laughing and flush-cheeked.

Hello, neighborhood walks and bike rides.

Hello, day after day spent at the pool.

Hello, water balloon fights, slip 'n sliding, and sprinklers.

Hello, quality sibling time, and no more "bye bye sissy!" on preschool days.

Hello, exhaustion and deep breaths and praying for patience and probably more and more and more timeouts.

Hello, spur of the moment trips to the zoo and picnics and lemonade stands.

Hello, the smell of the grill at dinnertime.

Hello, playdates with best friends.

Hello, beach.

Hello, sunscreen and bug spray and freshly-painted toes.

Hello, ice cream and sno-cones and popsicles.

Hello, summer bucket list.  We have high hopes of crossing off everything!  We cannot wait to have days of fun plans and days of no plans, busy days and lazy days, and days of soaking in our last summer as a family of four.  <3

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