Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break 2K16

 Last week was CK's Spring Break, and I wanted to document all of our fun... Because it sure was a fun (and exhausting! and busy! and hard! and crazy!) week!!

Spring Break kicked off with T heading out of town for too long... and my mama swooped in for a couple days!  Which was so incredibly helpful.  It was a quick trip because she had to get back for work, but the kiddos soaked up every second with their Bammy!

We spent a day at the zoo with I'm assuming most everyone who lives in Atlanta.  The weather (and company!) were perfect, and the kids had a blast!

And we played and played and played in the backyard...

And told Everette, "No!" over and over and over again:

 We spent time with friends, getting into trouble with sidewalk paint, water tables, and water balloons...

We ate (and shared!) ice cream:

We played with (and ate!) play-do:

And got donuts from our favorite bakery:

 And watched movies:

And went to bounce houses with friends:

 And watched my belly grow:

And didn't clean up (who am I kidding... her room looks like this 99% of the time, no matter what I do):
 And learned how to use a fork:

And rewarded myself with Papa Johns for surviving a week sans T, pregnant with two kids around me 24/7:

And welcomed Daddy home with open arms:

And checked out the cutest kids' art studio called Bubbles and Brushes:

And had more ice cream... this time, for lunch:

And wreaked a lot of havoc within the four walls of our house:

Because this picture pretty much sums it up:

By the weekend I was tired, getting sick, and a little cranky... but we really, really did have a great Spring Break and I'm looking forward to soaking up all kinds of fun with the kids this summer!!

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