Friday, April 15, 2016

5 on Friday!

TGIF, y'all.
Pregnant mamas, especially pregnant mamas who already have two littles, should be immune to all sicknesses/illnesses/bugs/colds/flus while pregnant.  Since last Sunday, I have been battling some kind of nasty cold and congestion and cough.  Not a huge deal, but on top of the pregnancy it is kicking my butt!  I know I sound like such a baby, but I can't breathe, my chest is killing me, blah blah blah.  I know the meds I can take are limited, and I really don't want to take medicine if possible, so I've been trying to power through... but man, I feel awful.  I'm hoping it clears up in a couple days or I guess I'll get my butt to the doctor.

And speaking of not feeling great, it totally messed up my plans of restarting my early morning routine this week.  Over spring break, I decided since the nausea has finally started to subside that it's time for me to stop being so lazy in the mornings.  Pre-pregnancy, I was up and running and showered, reading my devotional and bible, and drinking my coffee before the rest of the house stirred.  Well, once nausea and exhaustion took over my life, that pretty much went down the drain.  I'm literally drooling and/or snoring on my pillow when CK barrels into our room in the mornings to tell me her nightlight has turned green and IT'S TIME TO GET UP.  While I've needed that extra sleep, our days just feel so much less productive and so much more flustered when I don't feel "ready" in the mornings.  So anyway, while I'm still not feeling well enough to go for a run first thing after I wake up, I do want to try to get back into a better morning routine that involves getting myself together and spending some time with Jesus.  Hopefully once I kick this nasty cold I can hold myself to that!

I know I've mentioned this before, but CK and soccer... I cannot handle it.  I'm not sure who loves it more - her or me.  My favorite memory to date happened at last night's game.  Unknowingly to CK the ball had rolled out of bounds and it was time to have a coach throw it back in.  She went out of bounds to retrieve the ball herself, but then just kept on kicking the ball down the field (not hearing her coach calling her name)... and she kicked it into the goal, and turned around to give me the BIGGEST smile.  Girl thought she'd scored her first goal!  And you'd better believe I celebrated right along with her. :)

Babies, babies, babies.  We're currently in the throes of planning a baby shower for my stepsister, who is due with her first little one this summer... not to mention the fact that my little sister is going to have her baby boy any day now!  And beyond those (and my!) growing bellies, there are baby bellies popping up all over town and many people I know and love trying to bring babies into their families in all kinds of way.  So I'm here to selfishly ask for prayers for all things baby, just like I pray every night... for the babies in tummies, those who have lost babies in their tummies, and those who want babies in their tummies and in their families. <3

I am so SO excited to see the weekend!  We've got some plans and some un-plans in place, which in my opinion is the perfect weekend.  Lazy family night tonight, a birthday party for my nephew in ATL tomorrow, date night tomorrow night, and planting our yearly fruit and vegetable garden inbetween.

Happy Friday... I hope you and yours have a great weekend!

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