Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Here's to hoping one day I get back to writing blogs with a little more meat... But in the meantime, here are some favorites on Friday!

*Athleta!  We all know I looooove me some Athleta, it is my absolute favorite gear to work out in.  Let's be honest, my most favorite gear to wear 24/7 since I rarely if ever get dressed anymore.

*My Plum Paper Life Planner!  I mentioned awhile back that I had ordered one, and I am absolutely loving it.  Their planners are completely customizable - For each week I have a row for each family member, meal plans, work to-dos, etc.  It helps me stay sane, and we all know I love a list!

*Homemade soups.  I know the weather is getting warm, but I love a good homemade soup - bonus points if it's in the crockpot, because zero effort and dinner is ready during the kids' (and my) witching hour.

*Kind bars.  Ever had them?  They're such a good, "real," granola-health-nut-ish bar and the perfect snack in my opinion!

*My husband's my Yeti cup!  I pretty much swiped it from T, and I use it everyday.  I have to sleep with ice water beside my bed every night, and how nice it is to wake up and have the water still be ice cold!

*Four-year-olds learning how to write their names.  So proud.

*The movie Annie.  It was my favorite as a child, and it came on tv a few weeks ago.  I recorded it, and am not sure I'll ever erase it from my DVR.  I can sing the words to every song and almost recite the entire movie.  MY FAVE.

*Crayola Tissue Paper Creations.  Need to keep a preschooler busy for awhile?  This is the ticket.  Or at least it is for my CK!

*The Ibotta app.  Use it to get money back from grocery shopping.  It's so easy!  Scan a product, take a picture of your receipt, and earn money.  I love it!  Because in this family, every penny counts!!

*My "job." Seriously... I joined the company to try to earn some extra money, and now earn a substantial income, changing people's lives, and also earning all kinds of awesome incentives along the way.  In fact, T and I booked our plane tickets this week for an all-expense paid trip out of country this summer!!

*This book.  We're reading it for my bible study group right now, and it is equal parts entertaining, heart-wrenching, hilarious, and life-changing.

*Good, true, real friends.  You know the kind who know and love you just the same, around who you feel like you can 100% be yourself... friends who check in on you, how you're doing, just for the heck of it or when they know your husband has been out of town for an entire week.  Yeah, those friends.  The older I get, the more I realize how few and far between they are, and I will never take them for granted.

*Tassels - on anything and everything.

*Ebates!!  I've said it a million times on here, but y'all - if you do ANY online shopping, you have to use Ebates!  You simply click on the link, choose the store where you're going to shop, and BOOM you get money back.  They mail you a check every month or so.  Then you, like me, can totally justify your online shopping!!

*Toddler cheeks, toddlers who talk with lisps, toddlers learning how to use a fork, toddler everything before the tantrums start

*The Target dollar spot!  Thanks to good ol' Target, I was able to cheaply throw up some decor on our playroom walls!

*Greek food, especially when it involves a pita.

*Sibling love.  'Nuff said.

*Surprises in the mail!  I love getting them, but love sending them even more.

*Date nights.  They don't happen often enough, but when they do, I am reminded how much I adore one-on-one time with this stud.
  *Netflix.  I'm not sure why we waited so long to get on the Netflix train, but I'm loving it.  We just got through all of Making a Murderer, and I'm now starting Scandal.  Any other must-sees?!  I love watching shows one episode after another!!

*Speaking of tv shows, are there any Prison Break fans out there??  TJ and I were OBSESSED with that show (was it five years ago?), and I just heard it's coming back!  Ahhhh!!

*Taking my kids to the zoo.  I'm like a kid at the zoo - I've always loved going!  And since T's sister gifted E with a membership for his birthday, we plan on going as often as possible throughout the next year!

*Spring weather!  Minus the pollen, bleh.

*A Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit... mmmmm...

*The Skimm!!  Please tell me you use this by now.  It's the only way I have any clue what's going on in the world.  You get a brief, in-layman's-terms email (that's usually pretty witty) every morning to keep up with today's happenings.  Love it!

*Summer beach plans!  My family makes it a point to plan a week at beach a year in advance so that everyone can plan accordingly (because let's face it, when you're working with multiple families who have multiple kids and multiple jobs, the only way to make sure you all spend time together is to make plans!).  My mom also does the same for a weekend in December... it's on everyone's calendars well in advance so we know we'll all be together!  All of this to say we've had our beach week planned since last summer, and I am so so SO excited and already counting down the days!!

*FRIDAYS!  After a week of T being gone, this pregnant mama-of-two is happy to see Friday, which means the weekend, which means our family of four being a little lazy between some fun Saturday and Sunday plans.



  1. Your Friday favorites are always my Friday favorites! I swear sometimes we're the same person ;)

    1. Yes. Which why an in-person meeting is a MUST. Come to GA!!