Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Four point Five

Cameron Kate,

You're four-and-a-half now, and I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.

Pushing with all my might, hearing your dad exclaim, "It's a girl!"

Becoming a mom.

All because of you, my girl.

And now, four-and-a-half years later, you have grown into a little girl who makes me so proud.  A little girl who made my dream come true, when she became my daughter, when she made me a mama.

Life with you is an adventure, full of silliness, and giggles, and tickling, and deep breaths, and emotions, and Ellie.  

Oh how you still love your Ellie.

And you also still refer to your feet by name - Gaddy and Bussy.  It makes me laugh... you give them personalities, and make them dance, and tell me they're asleep, or that they won't stop wiggling when you're trying to put on your shoes.  Hilarious!

A few months ago we had some rough days, with you being overly emotional and challenging and difficult and stubborn, particularly at nighttime.  But I think we're over that hump, and I am absolutely loving this age right now.  4.5 is pretty awesome, and everyday with you just keeps getting better.

You still want to wear long sleeves, all day everyday.  And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  And anything dipped in Ranch dressing - especially cucumbers.  You play soccer now!  And I love it.  You prefer to be outside, especially if it means you're riding your bike (though your bike is currently way too small).  Your imagination is amazing, and more often than not you'll play by yourself, talking and singing and creating these stories and scenarios that blow my mind.

You still take a nap 4ish days a week, and will play in your room on the other days just fine.  But you are so grumpy after your naps!  It usually takes you ten to twenty minutes to come out of your funk.

You are also such a hoarder!  With the messiest room!!  I will find any and everything stuffed inside little bags and nooks and crannies in your room.  It drives my Obsessive Compulsive, want-to-be-organized personality crazy, but I figure one day I'll miss finding 87 Shopkins stuffed inside of a Christmas gift bag hidden in your underwear drawer.

You love going to preschool, and especially love your teacher, and you have learned so much this year.  You can write your name by yourself, know all of your letters and numbers, and can count to at least 100 (I stopped you there...ha!).

You'd eat raspberries with every meal if I'd let you (and if they weren't so expensive!), and you love playing with your baby dolls.  But your most favorite thing of all?  Playing with and making your little brother giggle.  You guys have become two peas in a pod, and my greatest joy is watching you laugh together.  Sibling love - there really is nothing like it.  So innate, so pure, so unconditional.  And because I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to give it to you, I never, ever take it for granted.

CK, bug, Mcgee, Cameron Kate... you are my sunshine.  One of my greatest gifts, my best girl, my mini-me, my happy place.  It is an absolute joy being your mama, an absolute honor experiencing life through your eyes.  And everyday truly does keep getting better and better.

Happy 4.5, my girl.

-Mama <3
 Half of a year old:

And now, four-and-a-half.  And yes, we celebrated.

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