Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Brain Dump!


*I am so happy to see Friday because I am T-I-R-E-D.  It's been a long week, which all started when E spiked a fever on Sunday night, out of nowhere.  I guess he partied too hard on Saturday!  He battled the fever on and off all week, and it got as high as 103.5.  At first I was waiting it out, but when it got that high, I decided to take him to the pediatrician.  She confirmed my suspicions - just a virus.  But luckily the fever finally broke Wednesday morning and he's been fever-free since!  But between that and the most rain I've ever seen in my life, we've been stuck inside and going stir-crazy.  Today, however, a little yellow ball of fire appeared in the sky and the angels sang, HALLELUJAH!

*I swear I was able to cut E's sickness time in half with essential oils.  I am a new user and am loving them.  T was battling a nasty cold last week and they helped him a ton, and I think I was able to keep CK and I in the clear because of the oils, too.  Being new to the oils game is definitely overwhelming because there is so much information out there, but I really am excited to make them a regular part of our lifestyle!

*Why do Reese pumpkins taste so much better than plain old regular Reeses?  Whether it's a pumpkin, an egg, a tree, etc... those seasonal-shaped Reeses get me every time!

*Every time we have family in town, the minute they're gone leaves me wishing we lived closer to them.

*But thankfully we DO live close to my sister-in-law and her family!  And just recently, CK's Aunt Beth decided to absolutely spoil her for her birthday and take her to the American Girl store to pick out a doll and eat lunch in the cafe.  Y'all, it was absolutely precious.  I'm not sure CK knew what she was going to experience, and she was definitely overwhelmed at first... but she loves her new doll - Julie - and insists on having her in her bed and having her hair in a matching braid.  This little girl is adored by her Aunt Beth... and the feeling is definitely mutual. <3

*And speaking of the American Girl experience, Julie came with the first chapter book in her series and now CK and I sit down and read a little everyday before her nap.  I've been wanting to start a chapter book with her and this was the perfect one to get us going!

*Someone got his old-man mullet cut, finally!

*And speaking of the little buddy-roo, y'all - I swear - he slept for like 12-13 hours the first six months of his life.  And he hasn't slept the same since June when he got that dang helmet.  Well, this mama is exhausted.  So last night we started some serious sleep training around these parts.  Fingers crossed it works (and that I'm strong enough to be consistent about it!).

*And that same buddy-roo is apparently allergic to tomatoes (random, I know) and peanuts!  I had some suspicions after a small taste of peanut butter gave him a little rash around his mouth.  Well, our pediatrician referred us to an allergist after E had what was a likely reaction to amoxicillin.  So I requested that they go ahead and do a full panel of testing, which confirmed the peanut allergy.  Thankfully at this moment in time it is mild, and I'm hoping it stays that way or that he possibly grows out of it!

*Please, for the love of all things holiday, can we PLEASE celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas?!  It's my absolute favorite!

*But I do have to admit I've done a little Christmas shopping already.  Online, of course.  And that reminds me, do you shop online?  If so, do you use Ebates?  Please say you do!  Y'all, it literally pays you to online shop.  All you do is go to Ebates, type in the store, and click on it.  And TA DA!  You make money.  Just got my most recent Ebates check in the mail today!

*Somebody looooooves his daddy...

*And somebody looooooves her E.  At this exact moment she had walked over to him out of nowhere and hugged him tightly, saying... "I love having a little brother." 

*I love this stage with Everette!  He's very close to walking and says new words everyday.  It's so fun to watch him get excited over his ability to communicate with us!  His favorite?  "Uh oh!"  Yesterday we tried to keep a tally, and got up to 99 uh-ohs by the time he went to bed.

*But you know what he doesn't love?  SWEETS!  The cupcakes on his birthday, the cake at his party, Oreos, cookies I baked today... he has no interest in them whatsoever.  Whose kid is he?!

*We've been so bad about eating dinner as a family lately.  Our typical rule of thumb is that we sit down as a family of four at the table Sunday-Thursday, and then T and I put the kids to bed a little earlier on Fridays and Saturdays so we can enjoy some kid-free takeout on the couch in front of our DVR'd shows.  But lately I've just been so tired by the evenings, and T has been working late - so by the time he gets home it feels impossible to get dinner on the table for all four of us without losing my mind.  Also, does this resonate with anyone else?  Or is it just me?
So anyway, I really hope to get back into a good routine so that we can have our family dinners regularly!  I really do miss it!!

*When my G Gram showed up as a surprise for E's birthday party, she (of course) showed up with booze.  And I am obsessed with the wine she brought!  It's Running with Scissors cabernet and it is yummy!  And guess what?  An hour 'til I can pour myself a WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY glass!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yep. The Reese shapes are the hands down best.

    Speaking of. Someone needs to take this Halloween candy away.....