Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everyday I...

Everyday I...

...wear workout clothes.  Honestly, other than church on Sundays and the occasional date night or girls' night out, I am always and only in workout clothes.

...eat breakfast.  I am HANGRY in the mornings and will never understand how people can start their day and function without breakfast.

...drink one cup of coffee.

...have a bowl full of M&Ms in my house.  You will never find my house without a bowl full of M&Ms.  My grandparents used to have this little tin of M&Ms, and I always looked forward to diving into it when we'd visit them.  Because of this, I think I will always always have my bowl full of M&Ms on my counter 'til the day I die.

...wonder what my life would've looked like, how it would've been different had I grown up with my dad alive.

...sleep on my stomach.  I try so hard to sleep on my back because I know it's better for your skin, but I always end up on my stomach!

...become more in love with all things fringe and tassels.

...worry about money and simultaneously feel guilty for not working full-time.

...eat healthy until about 2:00pm - then all bets are off.

...say prayers with E before bed.  And it has become one of my most favorite parts of the day, as he tries to repeat after me as we say our prayers each night. <3

...make our bed.  I used to never, ever, ever make the bed - but now I cannot start my day if the bed is not made.

...miss my mama and wish we could see each other more often.

...wish I had cute pajamas!  But I always end up in a ratty old t-shirt and too-big pajama pants.

...take my vitamin, no fail.

...wash my face, twice a day, and put sunscreen on it every single morning. 

...put chapstick on before I go to bed.  I cannot sleep without it!

...wake up before the rest of the house even stirs.  Getting up, going for a run, and doing a devotional while T and the kids are sleeping gives me just the right amount of alone time to keep me sane, and a much-needed kickstart to my day.

...say something special to my kids before bed.  They each hear their own little "thing" from me before their heads hit their pillows.

...drink several liters of water.

...communicate with my sisters, in some way, shape, or form.  I couldn't survive as a mama/woman without them!

...worry about my children.

...think about weaning E from breastfeeding, but we're just not ready - so I'm not rushing it.

...feel so incredibly thankful for all that I have, which is way more than I deserve.  And it's probably why Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving week! <3

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