Thursday, October 8, 2015


I always love reading this post from others, and even love reading my own from the past.  I was looking back on my blog the other day and realized I hadn't done one of these in almost a year!  So here's what is currently going on in my world...

Loving - salted caramel flavored ANYTHING.

Reading - Reading?  Who has time to read these days?!  The minute my butt hits the couch at the end of the day I'm basically asleep from our wonderful chaos of life, so other than my devotional/bible time in the wee hours of the morning, there's no reading going on here.  There are books literally piled up on my nightstand and I truly believe reading is good for the soul, so I'm trying to find a way to sneak it into my day.

Waiting for - my husband to buy a car already!  As I mentioned in a previous post, we sold the ol' minivan (PRAISE!).  Unfortunately, it's taking my picky thorough husband a little longer than anticipated to find a car he feels is a good investment.  In all honestly, T is so good at selling and buying cars, BECAUSE he takes his time.  But only having one car in the family has been tough! 

Excited about - CK's birthday on Saturday!  Cannot believe my girl is about to be four.  We have a surprise planned for her, and she keeps saying, "So I'm WEALLY gonna be FOUR when you take me for my SUPWISE?!"  Also?  We always told her you can only have gum once you're four years old.  She cannot believe that on Saturday she actually gets to chew a piece of gum.  Ha!

Trying to - get enough Pampers points to get this really cool ride-on toy for the kids!  Not sure if I'll ever get there, but Lord knows I'm trying!  If you use Pampers and don't participate in the points program, you should!  And if you don't want to, send them my way!! :)

Working on - not worrying about trivial things.  Most of what we worry about never happens, and most of the stuff that does happen is out of our control.  So why waste time and energy on worrying?

Enjoying - Watching Cameron Kate learn how to swim.  We started swim lessons a couple months ago, and she has always been terrified.  Like shake on the way there, scream-and-cry-throughout-the-entire-lesson terrified.  She recently switched to a different instructor, aka the kid-whisperer.  And after TWO LESSONS, I literally have to drag her OUT of the pool.
Watching her overcome her fear and learn how to be brave has been one of best moments of this whole mama gig thus far.

Using - My Rodan + Fields Macro E microdermabrasion tool like CRAZY!  You allllll know by now I'm an Executive Consultant with the company (insert shameless plug here), and lately I have been obsessed with this magic little tool.  You only use it once a week, and on Sunday nights I love seeing the five million dead skin cells that are sucked into the filter.  Gross, but awesome.

Wearing - old nursing bras that are way too big.  Ha!  I've got about a month left of nursing E, and my poor girls are already deflating.  I'm proud of them for nursing another kid for a year, but they are just plain pitiful.

Planning - birthday parties for my two kiddos!  CK's party is next Saturday, and E's is three weeks after that!  Cannot believe I'll have a four- and one-year-old... <3

Singing - "House Party" by Sam Hunt.  For some reason, CK has declared this to be "our song."  At any time of day don't be surprised to hear her singing it at the top of her lungs!

Needing - nothing.  As I sit here and wrack my brain for something, I truly don't need anything.  I am so happy and busy and fulfilled and chaotic and blessed and overwhelmed in the best possible way.  And also, in light of the recent tragic flooding in my hometown of Columbia, SC, I can truly say that I need nothing.

Learning - that life as a boy mom is going to be a little different than life as a girl mom.  Though CK can be a little wild, it's a completely different ball game with E.  He is  Into any and everything he can find, daredevil, fast.  Whew.
But speaking of the little stinker, can we please talk about how good his head looks in these before/after pics?!

Listening - to the hum of my new essential oils diffuser.  I'm officially a believer.  But I'm overwhelmed!  So if you have any favorites, any go-to's, any advice or suggestions when it comes to using essential oils - please share!

Wishing - I was better about decorating for holidays.  I always swear I'll hit up the stores post-holiday to stock up on decor items when they're on sale, and then I never do because who wants to buy something and then put it in a box for a year?  Anyway, this is as good as it gets around these parts, thanks mostly to the Target dollar spot. (And btw, when did it become the three dollar spot?!  Not cool.)

Doing - a major closet overhaul.  There are sooo many clothes in my closet and drawers I haven't worn in years.  It's time to minimize and donate and consign and cleanse.

Dreaming of - kids in Halloween costumes!  Well, maybe not dreaming about it - but y'all, I LOVE a kid in a costume.  Halloween is pretty much my favorite day on social media.  I have costumes planned out for the kids and just need to see if I can make it happen.  Oh, and did I mention that T and I are also joining in on some costume-wearing this year as we attend an adults-only Halloween party?!  Cannot.wait.


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