Monday, October 27, 2014


I'm back with a post I always love writing, but haven't done so since January!  So here's what's going on in my little corner of the universe, a universe that pretty much revolves around our baby countdown.

Currently, I'm...

Loving - being a mom to a 3-year-old!  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of timeouts and deep breaths and tantrums and emotional breakdowns and frustrating moments... But y'all, she's HILARIOUS.  She keeps T and I on our toes and laughing

Reading - my old blog posts from when I was this pregnant with CK.  It's been a rough few days around these parts, physically speaking.  Yesterday I wondered, was I ever this uncomfortable and tired the last time I was 38 weeks pregnant?  Yes, yes I was, accordingly to my posts circa October 2011.

Waiting for - all of these crews and construction workers to leave our house for good!  No, the renovations STILL aren't complete.  BUT... we should be bidding the last worker farewell sometime tomorrow!!  I'll be sure to post before and after pics when I can!

Excited about - ummm... surely this goes without saying?  HOLDING THIS BABY IN MY ARMS!!!  It's so cliche t0 say, but I honestly cannot believe we're so close.  Physically, I am ready.  Mentally and emotionally, I am all over the place.  It all just feels so surreal.  I had my 38-week checkup this morning, where "Rocky" passed his/her NST (non-stress test) with flying colors.  This is where they hook you up to some probes and measure the baby's heart rate fluctuations and movement for about 20 minutes.  Anyway, I go back next Monday for one more NST and checkup, and then the induction process is scheduled to begin Wednesday morning!  My heart truly skips a beat when I think about holding and snuggling and hugging and kissing this little miracle. <3

Trying to -  make sure I truly enjoy these last 9 days, just me and my girl.  I've kept this week pretty unplanned so we can do what we wanna do, when we wanna do it.  I keep trying to take moments during our one-on-one time to pause and soak in all of her - her voice, her facial expressions, her silliness, her personality, the way her hand fits into mine, how it feels to kiss her sweet little cheeks.  I know once #2 is here, things are gonna be blurry for awhile so for now, it's all about focusing on my Cameron Kate.

Working on - building my business!  As most people know, I am an Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields, and have been for over a year and a half.  This company has changed my life... and more importantly, it has changed my skin and the skin of all of my customers.  I had hoped to have a launch event here in my new town before the baby's debut, but that obviously didn't happen.  So, I'm working on a plan to try to get the word out and let all my C'ton friends in on these awesome products.

Enjoying - food.  For real.  I've been ok this pregnancy in terms of my eating habits, definitely letting myself indulge when I want to (see: dessert after every meal, even breakfast).  But I'm always conscious about what I eat.  However, now that I'm 9 days away from not being pregnant anymore, I'm letting myself splurge.  A lot.

Using - as many fall-scented things around the house as I can!  I love all things fall!!

Wearing - about five things on rotation, because they're the last five things that still barely fit over this belly.  Even T's undershirts that I wear to bed don't cover my stomach anymore!  I'm a big ball of sexy, letmetellyou.

Planning - a surprise, for someone very special and deserving. :)

Singing - this absolutely adorable acorn nut song CK learned in preschool.  I literally cannot get it out of my head, probably because I ask her to sing it all the time... I can't get enough!

Needing - someone to come stock my freezer full of post-baby-#2-meals!  I have 10 ready to go, but I really wanted to make more; however, I'm too tired (and lazy) to get motivated to do it.  Maybe this weekend!

Learning - to not take a minute of these last uncomfortable pregnancy days for granted.  Last year at this time, we were days away from finding out we'd lost another baby.  I would've given anything to be where I am today... <3

Listening to - the new Taylor Swift cd.  No shame.

Wishing - hoping, praying for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl/boy...

Doing - tons of cleaning, purging, reorganizing, throwing away, NESTING.

Dreaming of - lying on the couch with a newborn sleeping on my chest, and a glass of wine in my hand...

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