Wednesday, October 28, 2015


~Sometimes, when we get home, I sit in the car in the garage for longer than I should, basking in the peace that comes from having both kids contained in their car seats, browsing social media/reading blogs/catching up on emails/BREATHING.

~There's a coffee cup out there that says, "There's a chance this is wine."  I want it!

~I truly, wholeheartedly, 100% believe in retail therapy.  And I loooove to online shop and to have emails that say, "Your item has shipped!"  Even if it's just diapers from Amazon.  Ha!

~I love a monogram.  On any and everything.

~I also love bad reality tv.  However, lately I've been getting more into "real" television shows, and less of the trash (though I'll always love Real Housewives of anywhere and everywhere).  I just hate getting all into a new show and not knowing if it's going to be cancelled.  Like State of Affairs - T and I loved that last fall, and it's not coming back.  What a waste of tv-watching!

~But I do have to admit that I think Kim Zolciak's "Don't Be Tardy" show on Bravo is HILARIOUS.

~At any point in time, you'll find me dancing like a fool around my house by myself with music blaring from the wireless speaker.

~I totally have baby fever.

~And maybe I have baby fever because E is going to be ONE next week!  YOU GUYS.  How is that even possible?!  And truthfully, I am so, so sad to start the breastfeeding weaning process.  Since he'll likely be our last, the thought of being finished nursing him makes me tear up!

~Ever tried the Skinny Pop popcorn?  I'm obsessed and love ALL the flavors!

~I have THE ugliest feet you have ever seen.  Hands down, my least favorite part of my body.

~Our dog (and first child) Bailey has been so mischievous lately!  I don't know if it's old age or what, but she's been getting into any and everything.  Like when I accidentally left the pantry door cracked the other day, she nosed it open, got two unopened bags of chips, tore them to shreds and ate ALL of the chips! (She's only ten pounds!)  She never used to be like that, little stinker.

~I'm glad my kids love fruit so much, but I must confess that it's killing our grocery bill. They're both obsessed with raspberries and blueberries, and will typically eat a full container within a day or two!

~I have sideburns.  Seriously.  My postpartum hair-fallout happened SO late this time.  I thought I had escaped this awful side effect of having a kiddo, but nope - my hair is EVERYWHERE, other than on my head.

~Last Saturday I took two naps.  I'm not a napper.  But an adult-only costume party Friday night just about did me in.  And it wasn't the drinking, it was the late-night and lack of sleep! (PS, T and I were Boo-bees! Ha!)

~Did you read my Grace post?  I'm working really hard to let the house be a little dirtier these days... and honestly, it's been a hard adjustment for me!

~I don't love cold pizza, but LOVE me some cold fried chicken.

~I get annoyed when people don't RSVP.  Not to say I haven't ever forgotten, but I'm usually really good about letting someone know whether or not I can attend an event.  With E's birthday party next weekend, I'd really like to know who is coming!  (Hint hint!)

~I get really excited when it's time for a new candle, lotion, perfume, or deodorant.  I love changing up smells!

~I'm officially a Vodka-lover.  I'm not a lush, I swear.  But I've been subbing out my glass of wine for a vodka cocktail every now and then and it's been yummy!

~We really, really, really need a new mattress!

~I really and truly almost didn't keep it together when CK was getting her FOUR shots at her FOUR-year well-check on Monday.  There were lots of tears and screams from her, but she tried so hard to be brave and I was a proud mama.

~And I have to confess that for quite a few reasons, we switched pediatricians and Monday was our first appointment with the new doctor.  Verdict - LOVE her and the office so far!

~I am so accident-prone these days!  And I'm not sure where it's coming from?!  Broken toe, burned finger, bruised hip, sliced-open foot... I swear everyday something happens.

~I am sooooo not a Pinterest mama, but I have to admit that I channeled my inner-teacher and hosted a Halloween-themed playdate yesterday.  CK and I made spider-inspired Oreos and candy corn pretzels ahead of time and she also drew a picture for each guest...  then once everyone arrived we applied tattoos, decorated cookies, made cotton ball ghosts, and decorated a (reusable) candy haunted house.  It really was so fun from start to finish!

~I confess that I've always been anti-trampoline.  I had too many injuries on them growing up.  BUT.  A couple weeks ago CK had a playdate at a friend's house who has a smaller, net-enclosed trampoline and she had the best time.  And now I may put one on her Christmas list...

~I've confessed on here before that I am FitBit-obsessed... it really does motivate me and I love the competitive side of it!  I've also confessed that I've been through THREE because they've all broken/malfunctioned in some way.  Well guess what?  It happened again!  I swore I wouldn't get another one, but when I called customer service they sent me a new one, no questions asked.  So yay, I'm still in the FitBit game!

~And my last confession?  I really could live off of pizza, chips and dip, and M&Ms.  All day, everyday.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I need to do another post like this sometime. We have so many of the same confessions! Basically the same person, you know.