Monday, October 5, 2015

I Love...

Oh, my sweet Everette Lawrence.

I love you from the top of that spiky hair to the tips of your precious toes.

I love how your cover your own eyes to play peek-a-boo.

I love that you still suck the first two fingers on your left hand when you're sleepy.

I love how you're cruising around furniture and down the hallway with your push-walker... slow and increasingly steadier.

I love your sweet little lisp when you make the "sssssss" sound for what a snake says.

I love how you start dancing when you hear music or when we start singing.

I love that you're sleeping well again!

I love how you point to yourself with excitement when we ask, "Where's Everette?!"

I love how much you love any kind of berry and bananas.

I love how you are the messiest eater I've ever seen, hands-down.

I love how you say "teeth!" as soon as we walk into the bathroom and I open the toothbrush drawer.

I love how you point to things with such enthusiasm, arm extended, palm up, waiting for me to tell you exactly what you're pointing to.

I love that we've got 8 teeth under our belt!

I love how your face lights up when your daddy walks into the room.

I love that you are 100% all boy, so rough-and-tumble.

I love how excited you get to throw a ball back and forth.

I love how you look at your big sister.

I love all twenty-one pounds, thirty inches of you.  So much that my heart aches at just the thought of you, of being your mama.

And actually, that's what I love the most... being your mama.

Happy 11 months, my sweet, happy, silly, wild little boy!

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