Wednesday, September 16, 2015

By the Numbers

3 ~ the number of inches I had cut off of my hair on Saturday, while also having it dyed a little darker.  It was a glorious hour-and-a-half, sipping wine and feeling a tiny bit pampered.

4 ~ the number of days of preschool CK has had, and she absolutely, positively loves it.

20 ~ the number of days until our fall family photoshoot!  I'm so ready to get some quality, non-iPhone pics taken of my family of four.

10 ~ the number of weeks left 'til fall television really gets going - yippee!  While I am loving Big Brother, I'm pretty much over our DVR list and ready for some of the new shows that are about to start.

16 ~ the number of days E has left wearing his helmet.  Cannot WAIT for him to "graduate"!

3.5 ~ the number of weeks until I have a four year old - craziness!

7 ~ the number of weeks until my baby turns one - even more craziness!!

6 ~ the number of days I typically run in a week, and it's starting to feel so repetitive.  I'm definitely itching for a change in routine, and plan on ordering some Pure Barre videos next week!

1 ~ the number of cars we have right now because T sold his old, 1990-something, embarrassing minivan.  Hallelujah!  But also?  Only having one car is a PAIN!

19 ~ the number of hours left until I'm on an airplane, Texas-bound!  I'm headed to Austin for the annual Rodan + Fields convention, and I am so excited.  The kids will be home with T for a few days while I soak up all things skincare and work on building my business, a business that has been life-changing for us.  So prayers for safe travels for me would be greatly appreciated!  I know the kids are going to have an absolute blast with their daddy while I'm gone!!

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