Wednesday, September 9, 2015


What's your name?  "Cameron Kate Peele."

How old are you?  "Three-AND-A-HALF."

What are you starting today?  "Pweeschool."

What is your teacher's name?  "Ms. Tina."

Why do you go to preschool?  "To have fun and so Mommy can do some work."

What are you most excited about doing at preschool?  "Sitting next to Allie."

What are you least excited about doing at preschool?  "I'm not least excited about anything because I love it!"

What's your favorite color?  "You know, Mama.  RED."

What's your favorite cartoon?  "Paw Patrol."

What is your favorite toy?  "My Paw Patrol toys and Ellie and Mel Mel."

What's your favorite song?  "The days of the week song and the birthday song."

What's your favorite fruit?  "Oranges and peaches and watermelon."

Who is your best friend?  "Hollis and Banks and Raleigh."

What makes you happy?  "Getting a hug and kiss from my mommy."

What makes you sad?  "When Mommy is upset of me."

What is your favorite restaurant?  "Chick-fil-a."

What is your favorite movie?  "The Fox and the Hound."

What is your favorite store?  "Target."

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "I want to be a mommy because it's real."

What do you mean it's real?  "Well, I used to want to be a giraffe, but then I wouldn't be able to talk so I want to be a mommy because that is a real thing."

Well, why do you want to be a mommy?  "Because then I will have kids who love me and I can tell them what to do and if they don't do it I will put them in timeout so they will be good listeners."

So incredibly proud to be this little girl's mama. <3

Also?  Don't blink...

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