Monday, March 23, 2015

Me: A to Z!

Starting Monday off with a pretty narcissistic post... But I'm unmotivated to do anything productive around the house today during the kids' naps.  So I've taken a cue from my sister and friend, and am writing a few fun facts about me, from A to Z!

A - Age - 31... almost 32!

B - Bed Size - Queen.  My hub wants a king, but I tell him then he won't be forced to snuggle with me.  

C - Chore you hate - Dusting the blinds.  It drives me crazy!  I clean our house pretty thoroughly once a week, and absolutely loathe trying to dust the blinds.  Any tricks or tools I'm unaware of that'll make this task less tedious?!

D - Dogs - We have one dog, a miniature weenie dog, Bailey.  She thinks she's human.

E - Essential to Start Your Day - Before I was breastfeeding, running was my favorite way to start my day.  Now it's pretty much impossible to be able to run first thing in the morning until I've nursed E a few times (if ya know what I mean)... so now, I guess coffee?  I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but really need a cup in the morning to get my day going.  I have a Keurig, and right now I'm obsessed with cappuccino k-cups!

F - Favorite Color - Yellow, and also navy blue. 

G - Gold or Silver - Gold.  Used to be silver all the way, but recently I've gone back to loving gold.

H - Height - 5'8"

I - Instruments You Play - None. I am so awful at all things musical.

J - Job Title - Stay-at-home mama and I am so, so thankful.  Also, an Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields.

K - Kids - Two... my little sidekick and favorite threenager, Cameron Kate.  And our four-month-old miracle Everette, who pretty much has me wrapped around his finger.

L - Live - In Carrollton, Georgia.  Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, from birth to senior year of high school (minus a few years I lived in Toronto, Canada)... Clemson University for college... followed a boy (who I ended up marrying!) to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and lived there/taught school for ten years... and then we moved to Carrollton last year.  Though I still feel intimidated in this small, close-knit town, I really do love it here.

M - Movie - Oh, this question always stumps me.  I used to love Now and Then.  I'm also a sucker for The Notebook.

N - Nickname - Jess, Jesseeca

O - Overnight Hospital Stays - I was hospitalized with a rough case of mono when I was in middle school.  Other than that, just when I had my babies.

P - Pet Peeve - When the volume on a tv is really loud.  Drives me crazy!

Q - Quote - I have two:  "Don't let your worries for tomorrow rob your joys of today." and "When life give you rain... put on your raincoat, jump in the puddles, and quack like a duck."

R - Righty or Lefty - Lefty!

S - Siblings - 3.5 and 2. Clear as mud?  I have three biological siblings (an older brother, older sister, and younger sister). We are extremely close. <3 I also have an older half-sister who is no longer in touch with myself nor my siblings. And I have a step-brother who is my age and a younger step-sister, who have been a close part of my family since my mama married their daddy over 13 years ago. 

T - Time You Wake Up - Usually anytime between 6:30am and 7:15am, depending on the kiddos.

U - University You Attended - Clemson. Go Tigers!

V - Vegetable You Dislike - Hmmm... I guess brussel sprouts?  Though I really think I've just never had them cooked correctly.  I pretty much love all vegetables and could probably be a vegetarian.  Well, other than seafood.  I have to have seafood.

W - What Makes You Late - My threenager.

X - X-Rays - Oh man, I've had a lot.  Honestly, I can't even count - ankles, hands, arms, etc.

Y - Yummy Food - Any kind of seafood.  Cupcakes.  Chips and dips.  Chef salads.  Double Stuffed Oreos.  Holiday-shaped Reese cups.  Fun-sized Milky Ways.  Peanut M&Ms.  Pizza.  Turkey sandwiches.  Yeah, I pretty much just love anything edible.

Z  -  Zoo Animal - Giraffes I guess?  I've always thought they were so interesting!

There ya have it!  Fascinating, I know.

Happy Monday!

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