Friday, March 27, 2015

5 on Friday

Ugh, ear infections.  I posted a couple months ago about CK having some ear trouble again (she had tubes put in at 13 months).  Well, we've been battling an ear infection for three weeks now, and it just won't hit the road.  So today we were back at the ENT, where they did a full ear exam, hearing/pressure tests, and even took an x-ray of her noggin'.  Survey says:  a second round of tubes along with removing adenoids may be in her near future.  We go back in a month for one final exam and to make a decision.  I know in the grand scheme of kiddo-sicknesses this is pretty mild, but the thought of putting my girl under anesthesia again makes me want to throw up.  So, any good thoughts/prayers/vibes that things look all clear when we go back in April would be appreciated!

I signed up to run my first post-baby race!  It's just a 10k (the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta), but I'm a little nervous because my pelvis still feels kinda broken when I run.  And right now I'm doing pretty good about running most days, but only about 3 miles.  Since I usually run with either the Bob/Double Bob, I'm hoping that while it's only 3 miles, it'll help me prepare for 6-miles sans jogging stroller.  Also, I'll be running with my sister-in-law, who is pretty much a fitness rockstar.  Take it easy on me, Beth!

Speaking of running, I have what I think is an awful case of runner's knee.  I wear a patella band when I run, and have been trying to do some strength exercises via Jillian Michaels on my off days.  But I can hardly go up and down the stairs, it hurts so bad.  Any suggestions?  Suggestions that don't involve "stop running"?  Because y'all know I need to run like I need to breathe.

CK is on this kick where she is obsessed with drawing pictures, putting them in "enbelopes," and sending people "post" (thanks Peppa Pig).  Everyday she wants more paper and crayons and stickers and enbelopes, and she's very adamant about making me put a stamp on it and taking the "post" to the mailbox.  We recently sent a letter in the mail to her best friend Allie from preschool because she's been sick with the flu, and also a picture to her daddy at work.  I think it's such an adorable phase, and I'm so proud of her giving, kind, caring heart.  But I'm gonna have to start including a place for stamps in our monthly budget!

Well, I won't be back around these parts for awhile because on Sunday, I'm loading up both kids and heading out of town for a week!  T is headed to Dallas on Saturday for a work conference, so I'm braving a trip solo.  (And all you crazies out there, someone will be at the house to help care for our dog, so don't get any ideas.)  First stop is Bammy and Digby's house, where we even have a little Monday rendezvous scheduled with all the cousins!  Then Tuesday our week o' travels continues as we head to NC to stay with my best friend and her sweet little family for a couple days.  Hopefully I'll get to see as many of my NC friends as possible!  And the last stop on our tour de Carolinas is my in-laws' house for Easter weekend, where T will finally join us!  Yes, I feel a little crazy to take on all this traveling, and a little nervous about being on the road all week long with both kids and without T, but I am so excited to spend the week with so many dear family members and friends.  I'll be back post-trip with a summary of our travels, which hopefully go smoothly and safely!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Jim had the same thing as CK as a kiddo. Tubes twice and adenoids removed. But that finally took care of it. She'll be okay! I know that anything that isn't perfectly "normal" is nerve wracking though!!

    1. Really?! Thanks for telling me! It's the anesthesia that makes me a nervous wreck. :( Hopefully her next appointment will show a clear ear!