Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Came, We Saw, We Birthday'd!

Well, I'd say we got all we could out of my sweet CK's 3rd birthday!  Here are some highlights from her birthday party, which was the weekend before her birthday, and then her actual birthday!!

First, the party day.  I knew I wanted to outsource this year since I'd be so pregnant.  Also, I'm basically allergic to Pinterest and sweat when someone mentions the word "crafting."  So I knew I was going to keep the decor and everything else very simple.  Hang a few streamers, order some pizza, and call it a day.

Cameron Kate really wanted a "banastics" (gymnastics) birthday party with a Minnie Mouse cake.  I didn't wanna go all Minnie Mouse crazy, so I let her have her cake (and eat it, too) and stuck with Minnie's colors (red, pink, and black) for the color scheme.

 Sweet girl woke up VERY excited about her birthday party, and insisted upon wearing this crown!

 She LOVED her birthday shirt, made by none other than the awesome Goat & Lulu!

 The main request she'd had for her party for MONTHS was that we have balloons.  She was so excited when we picked them up!!

As I mentioned... very simple and cheap (and lazy) decor.  This is the party room at the gymnastics center.

 Thanks to my mother-in-law, Sandy, there were quite a few creative touches to the party!  Delicious homemade cupcakes and these adorable Mickey-shaped rice krispie treats!

 My mother-in-law also made this awesome cake, which tasted as good as it looked!

Again, girl/boy treat buckets, thanks to Sandy!  (Basically all I did was order pizza and provide the birthday girl.)

 Playing in the foam pit while we waited for all of her friends to arrive!


 Brave on the balance beam with her cousin, Burns, who she adores.


Excited about her cake!

 She had the sweetest face while everyone sang "Happy Birthday!"

And then my heart melted when she told me, without prompting, that she was making a wish for "the baby in Mommy's tummy."

 The first year she really got into opening presents... she couldn't tear through them fast enough!

 My girl...

 My people <3

Now, for her actual birthday, I had decided we were going to keep it low-key, and do whatever SHE wanted to do.  The night before, T and I worked hard to make sure she would wake up the next day knowing it was a special day...

 Growing up, my mama always put a present on the foot of our beds for our birthdays.  I'm so excited to carry on that tradition!

 Birthday breakfast of choice?  Cinnamon rolls with sprinkles!

 I swear, all morning she just wanted to play puzzles in her underwear.

 We then went to do something we love... feed the ducks!

And we sat on this swing together, enjoying the beautiful weather while I told her all about the day she was born. <3

 What's for lunch, you ask?  Ice cream, of course!

 And Daddy stopped by to surprise the birthday girl on his lunch break!

 After her nap, we watched Cinderella and ate popcorn.  And when Daddy got home from work, it was finally time to open presents!  Her favorite?  A Barbie she's been asking for for MONTHS.  I tried to avoid Barbies, but she wasn't gonna let this go.  And y'all, she's been playing with that thing nonstop!

 For dinner, her favorite... tacos!  And she LOVED when she got to wear the sombrero and listen to everyone sing to her!

It's safe to say this little girl had a great 3rd birthday!!

1 day, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.
My girl. <3

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