Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh, Hi! {Five on Friday}

Oh, hi there!  Sorry for the lack of blogging lately - 8 months pregnant + almost 3-year-old + major home renovation + T's best friend living with us + the rest of life = crazy busy days!  But, here I am, with an invigorating Five on Friday update...

First things first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAMA! Y'all, I have the best mama in the whole entire world.  She is who I aspire to be.  She is amazing to say the least, raising four kids alone after my dad passed away when I was seven.  She is the definition of beauty, persistence, positivity... She is my favorite woman in the whole world.  I love you, Mama.  To the moon!!

Ok, this is wayyyyy overdue... We had the most perfect sprinkle for Rocky a couple weeks ago. It was at a country club here in town, and it was so nice.  I was able to keep my emotions in check until the end, when I was just overcome with such joy and so humbled by the fact that we were there to celebrate OUR baby.  A year ago we were just starting our first aggressive fertility treatments, and here we are now, counting down the days until (and saying lots of prayers for) our little miracle.  So to all of you who had a hand in planning the sprinkle, and to those of you who were there, thank you for taking the time to make us feel so special.

So, my feet are still covered in dust.  We are 3 weeks into our big home renovation, with no end in sight.  Well, that's a little dramatic.  I'm sure we'll be finished in a few weeks, but it sure feels like there's no end in sight!  I know I sound like such a whiner, because we are choosing to and fortunate to make these upgrades to our house.  But I have to admit it's been a lot harder on CK and me than I thought it would be.  The mess, the noise, the missed naps, the having-to-be-out-of-the-house, the decisions, the setbacks.  So I'll be celebrating like crazy when it's all said and done... and also hiring a house cleaner.

Well, we had our appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (at-risk) doctor today.  I've been equal parts terrified and excited about this appointment.  Ready to make a plan for our Rocky, scared to know risks, worried they'd find something wrong.  They did a very in-depth ultrasound, looking at every single part of our baby.  (And yes, we had to look away quite a bit so we didn't see the goods, or lack of goods!)  Everything looked great on the scan... except for the fact that he/she is already estimated to be 6 POUNDS.  Y'all, I'm only 33 weeks!  So he/she is measuring like 2-3 weeks big.  Yeesh.  So, in a crossing of wires of some sort, the doc only had the summary sheet of my Repeat Loss bloodwork, which is what revealed my clotting disorder.  So we're now waiting on the MFM to get the full report from my OB from North Carolina, but the tentative plan is to switch from my current blood-thinner shot to one that has a shorter half-life around 36 weeks, and then we'll most likely schedule an induction around 39 weeks.  T and I felt great after the appointment, and I know we'll feel even better after we have a set plan in place.  The MFM is supposed to call today or Monday, and I'll follow up with my regular OB on Tuesday to finalize everything.  As always, thank you so much for the continued thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes.  We continue to be humbled by the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends!  And here, you guys, is Rocky...

For the first time ever, T is taking CK out of town without me this weekend!  I have mixed emotions about it - I'm gonna miss them, obviously, and it always scares me when my loved ones travel... but I have to admit that I cannot WAIT to have some time all by myself!!!  I have a prenatal massage scheduled for tomorrow morning (thanks to my sisters Linds, Whit, and Jamie Marie!) and other than that, I have no plans whatsoever.  I plan to be equal parts productive and lazy, but we'll see how that goes. :)  I know, however, that on Sunday, I will be dying to have this wild little girl back in my arms!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Look at that sweet little baby profile! Love it! And all weekend to yourself?!! AMAZING! Have a great one, no matter what you do!!!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! And yes, the weekend was GLORIOUS!!!!