Friday, September 5, 2014

Five on Friday!

Can y'all believe it's September?!  Wow.  Anyway, I'm back with another riveting edition of Five on Friday!

Y'all.  I'm getting big, and slow, and tired!  It's like the third tri came in with a BANG and here I am, 31.5 weeks pregnant, and I truly feel like a moose.  During CK's first day of preschool I was so anxious to be productive I walked our 3 mile neighborhood loop, did 4 loads of laundry, and got a jumpstart on cleaning the house.  I was so proud of myself until, about 2:00pm, I felt like I was dying.  My body was NOT happy about my level of productivity that morning.  So I learned the hard way that it's time to slow down a bit, which is tricky when my nesting mind says, "Go, go, go!"

Speaking of preschool... Oooooh preschool.  As most of my readers know, CK has been in daycare/preschool her entire life up until we moved here in January.  Since then, it's been just me and her, all day everyday.  But because she's had so much practice with being away from me with her past (and with going to the nursery every Sunday for church), I didn't think the transition back to preschool would be THAT bad.  Cue day 1.  We'd talked at length about preschool, what it would be like, how I'd drop her off and pick her up, what she'd do, etc.  We talked about being brave, and being a big girl.  And honestly, drop-off wasn't too terribly bad.  They had to take her out of my arms, but she wasn't crying or anything.  However, when I picked her up I learned that she panicked every time they asked her if she needed to go potty.  And then she told me she didn't play on the playground, only stood and watched her friends play.  And that at snack time, she didn't drink their water, because she wanted her water.  So we had another long talk.  And cue day 2.  Drop-off was a DISASTER.  I bolted out of the room while she was on the ground screaming, "I WANT MY MOMMY!  MOMMY DON'T LEAVE ME!"  I got in the car and called T, holding back tears while he convinced me I did the right thing.  I was over it pretty quickly because I had plans to meet a friend for a kid-free breakfast (and the angels sang, HALLELUJAH).  When I picked her up, she was all smiles and I was told she had a great day.  And on the way home she told me about her new friend, the books she read (a mouse shared a strawberry with a bear!), and even sang me their Circle Time song.  Whew.  Operation preschool... check!

And speaking of going potty - I am happy to report we've made MAJOR strides in the no-more-diapers department.  She's pretty much in panties all day long, with an accident maybe here and there.  SO proud of her!  And also so proud of her new little morning routine.  She's doing great in her big girl bed, and our plan was to have her yell, "Mommy, I'm ready to get up, please!" when she woke up in the morning.  And then I remembered the nightlight my older sister recommended.  Basically you set the moon to change into the sun at whatever time you choose.  And then you convince your toddler that she may NOT get out of bed until she sees the sun.  I've watched her on the monitor for several mornings now as she wakes up, sits up, and looks at her nightlight - and if it's the moon, she'll lie back down.  And repeat.  And repeat.  and repeat.  Until she sees the sun.  And then she bounces up - and y'all - SHE MAKES HER BED.  And only then does she happily and proudly exit her room to tell us she saw the sun!!!!  Oh, my big girl.

Anyone else think this season of Big Brother is so boring?  Every week I'm disappointed.  Of course, I still watch.  But I'm kinda over it.  And sooooo ready for fall television!

But my favorite thing about fall?!  College football!!!!  I haven't mentioned in awhile how much I love college football.  I love a good Saturday morning with ESPN on the tv, apps in the oven, counting down 'til kickoff.  Now, last weekend didn't turn out so well for us Tiger fans, but we had fun watching with friends, anyway!  This weekend we get to cheer on our new team, the Wolves!  That's right, we're headed to our first West Georgia football game, and I'm so excited.  I'm mostly excited because a friend invited us to sit in her box suite which will be stocked full of food and drinks and AIR CONDITIONING.  Music to a big ol' pregnant moose's ears.

So Go Tigers, and Go Wolves, and have a great weekend!

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