Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Feet Are Covered in Dust

So, as if being 8 months pregnant and chasing around an almost-3-year-old wasn't enough, we decided to throw some home renovations into the mix.  

Like, MAJOR renovations.

Just a tiny, tiny taste of it all...  Though this picture doesn't even begin to capture the chaos.

Some of the items on the list include knocking down two walls, patching hardwood, rewiring electric and plumbing, sheet-rocking around columns and beams, replacing major piping in walls, installing new hot water heater, painting entire interior, and a total rip-out and redo of both the guest and master bathrooms.

At one point yesterday there were thirteen men working inside my house.


I'm SO excited about what the end result will be, and I feel so grateful that we're able to do this...  But I guess I didn't realize how crazy it would make things.  Our entire house is a disaster area.  Everything seems to be covered in dust, all day long, especially our bodies.  The water and power are in a constant state of being turned on and off.  And the noise, OH the noise - trying to get a nap-hating toddler to nap through construction noise is comical.

So I'm not complaining, because it's all going to be so awesome and I realize how fortunate we are... but I am complaining, because I'm EXHAUSTED and this body is DONE.  We're two weeks in with a few setbacks here and there, and we honestly probably have at least 3 weeks to go.

Rocky, stay put for awhile.

And the rest of you guys... please have a drink or three for me.

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