Monday, August 11, 2014


You guys.

I promise I'd be blogging more frequently if I wasn't always having to answer the question WHY.

Two and three-fourths is an interesting age of toddlerhood... an age laden with hilarity and timeouts and losing patience and hugs and kisses and independence and WHY WHY WHY.

I swear, anyone who has been a visitor in our house throughout the past five months or so has commented on CK's never-ending curiosity.  It's like a normal why-asking-toddler on steroids.

All day, everyday.

I remember when the WHYs first began, back in February-ish.  I thought it was cute at first... I specifically remember thinking, "Awww, the 'why' phase is beginning!"  Now I know I should've been more like, "PLEASE LORD HELP ME GET THROUGH THE WHY PHASE."

About a month later, we were on our way to Charleston and it took twenty minutes for me to explain to her why she had a left foot, and a right foot.

That's when I knew it was gonna be bad.

Now here we are, neck-deep in this inquisitive phase, and I CAN'T HAVE A DRINK.

I don't know if all toddlers are this "curious," or if it's just mine.  But I am not kidding when I say that every single thing that comes out of my mouth is immediately met with "WHY?"

The other day I asked her, "Why do you always ask, 'Why?'"

To which she replied, matter-of-factly, "Because when you say something, I like to say 'Why'."

So there's that.

I used to be all "I need to foster her curiosity," and so I'd give some knowledgeable, mama-professional, kid-friendly answer full of facts.  And then I lost my patience.  And so then I tried, "I don't know," but she was on to me - she'd quickly scream, "YES YOU DO KNOW MOMMY!"  And so now I tend to stick to "Because I said so" or "Because that's how God made it" regardless of the reason for the WHY.

And on Fridays, when T gets home, I tell CK that I will not answer any more WHYs until Monday - if she wants to know WHY over the weekend, she has to ask her Daddy.


So you guys, I promise I want her to be inquisitive and curious and knowledge-seeking and everything, but...

I'm tired, 

and hormonal, 

and thirsty for some alcohol.

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