Thursday, August 15, 2013

An Unforgettable Week

Because last week was one of the best, most memorable weeks ever, I thought it would be best to document our beach trip with a picture walk, highlighting just a few of the moments that are forever engraved on my heart.

I will never forget parking the car and running down to the beach as soon as we got there to show our girl one of our most favorite places on earth.  Sure, we came to the beach last year... but this year, with her being one year older, it was an entirely different experience.  She immediately fell in love.  It was a moment I will never, ever forget.

I will also always remember...

The way she'd run straight down to the ocean with absolutely no fear.

How she'd repeatedly demand that we build sandcastles, only to immediately kick them over.

 The beach naps... Oh, the beach naps!

How my little girl loved, loved, LOVED the ocean.

 Our early morning seashell hunt - just me and my best girl.

How Cameron Kate finally perfected saying, "Cheeeese!!!"

The beach hole dug by Daddy...

How we were all so, SO sandy (and so, SO happy)!

Stumbling upon an old ice cream shoppe, eating ice cream and watching the sunset paint the sky.

A morning dolphin hunt boat ride, where Cameron Kate road her very first boat and saw her very first dolphin.  Amazing!

 Sitting on the beach all day, everyday, without a to-do list or a schedule anywhere to be seen.

How CK would wake up from her beach naps so happy, read for a snack and so excited to still be at the ocean...

 How much our little girl loved to just sit down by the water...

 All of the love shown to our girl by her Ging Ging and Meme when they came down for the weekend...

Exploring Morehead City's waterfront...

 Delicious seafood dinners night after night!

Sitting with my girl with our toes in the sand, day after day, for an entire, blissful week...

 We came home exhausted, but our hearts were so full and our souls were stamped with the kind of memories that truly last a lifetime.

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  1. I seriously can hardly handle the picture of her holding the bucket, baseball cap adorning her head, and eagerly awaiting the seashell hunt to begin. And don't even get me started on the one of her sitting in her "Cameron" chair, facing the ocean, wonky pigtails and all. I love that she loves the beach as much as her Mama and Dada.