Thursday, June 27, 2013

Midweek Randoms

*As soon as our summer "break" started, we hit the ground running and haven't looked back.  From new bubble-blowing contraptions, to splash pads, to pools, to SciWorks, to Target trips, to running through the sprinklers, to visits to the playground, to seeing a balloon animal maker at the public library, to building forts, to fingerpainting - It's been awesome.  BUT...

*Cameron Kate has been a H.A.N.D.F.U.L.  And by handful, I mean constantly fussing and whining and saying, "Mama, up!  Mama, up!  Mama, up!" while she clings to my legs and hangs off of my shorts.  And bath phobia is BACK.  AND she's only been napping for TWENTY MINUTES.  So by the time I put her down, pee, and switch over the laundry, she's pretty much waking up.  It's made for some exhausting days and while I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything in the world, I really hope she gets out of this rut!

*T and I are OBSESSED with the show Homeland.  We watched the first two seasons in about two weeks, and are now counting down the days until season three starts in September!

*I have an online shopping addiction.  Hopefully being away from the computer during the summer will help me STEP AWAY FROM GROOPDEALZ.

*I am SO glad I signed on to be a consultant with Rodan + Fields.  I am absolutely loving seeing the products change people's lives, and I am also absolutely loving the big fat paycheck that comes mid-month.  T and I had NO clue it would be so successful, but the risk has more than paid off!!

*I love when it's taco night.

*Cameron is now LOVING dipping food in ranch.  I steamed some carrots yesterday for her lunch and she randomly asked for ranch.  She was in heaven.  So much so that when I turned around, she was dipping her peanut-butter-and-honey English muffin in the ranch, too.  Bleh.

*I can't believe my July due date (from my loss) is approaching so quickly and we're not pregnant yet.  I remember when we lost the baby in December, July seemed so far away, and I thought for SURE we'd be expecting by then.  And here we are.

*Therefore I am LOVING Blue Moon's seasonal agave nectar beer!

*CK is already more tan than I am.  I SWEAR we slather her with sunscreen when we even THINK about going outside.

Well, she's already awake.  I got a whopping fifteen minutes out of her nap today.  Hence the short, random post!  I'll be back when I have time to form a complete sentence!


  1. I can so relate to this having two wee ones, it is exhausting but we are saving up so many precious memories