Sunday, June 23, 2013


Joy.  There is Joy in the big things, Joy in the little things.  But Joy is something that is hard to focus on when you feel like you're sometimes drowning in the opposite.

Today, I am working toward focusing on Joy.  To be honest, it's been difficult for me lately.  From the outside looking in, I know one may think - "What do you mean you can't focus on Joy?  You have a happy marriage, an awesome daughter, a job, a house, your health..."  Which is all very, very true.  But that doesn't discount the ugly, the fears, the sadness, the hopelessness, the jealousy, the worry, and the resentment that inevitably sneak their way into my heart.  And lately, they've all been sneaking their way into my heart more often than I'd like to admit.

So, today I am going to make a list of all the little things that bring me Joy these days...

*Downloading new songs from iTunes to listen to on my runs
*Cake batter ice cream, raw cookie dough, and desserts that are slightly undercooked
*Hearing Cameron Kate call out for me as soon as her eyes open in the morning, with her sweet, sing-songy voice
*Online shopping
*Putting CK's hair in a tiny, Pebbles-like ponytail (by request)
*Chips and dip of any kind
*A weekend of no plans, just me and my little family of three
*Clean sheets
*Cameron's giggle
*A Diet Coke
*My hub's dimples and big brown eyes
*Cold, craft beer
*Having backyard picnics
*Taking CK to gymnastics
*Getting to sleep in later than 6:00am
*Falling asleep on T's shoulder at the end of every day
*Being in the middle of a good book I can't put down
*Pedicures and drinks with the best girlfriends
*Driving with the sunroof open and country music blaring
*Crossing off items on a to-do list
*Running out to this field that has huge oak trees and wooden tree swings, and just sitting and swinging in the quiet with my girl
*Trips to Target
*Milky Ways (not the ones in the sky... the candy bar)

I hope this list inspires me, and you, to focus on the Joy.  And I also hope it inspires Joy to kick the hell out of all the ugly that keeps trying to take up residence in my heart.

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