Friday, May 3, 2013

A Mama and Her Girls

When I was pregnant with Cameron Kate – I mean from the very minute I saw two lines – I KNEW with every ounce of my soul she was a girl.  And though we didn’t find until her birthday, when TJ yelled, “It’s a girl!” – my reaction was, “Of course she’s a girl!”

I had always longed for a little girl, and that is because of my mama.  You see, I love being my mama’s daughter.  I know the depths and uniqueness of a mother/daughter relationship, and I always, ALWAYS wanted to have that same kind of relationship with my own daughter.  There is nothing in the world like a mama and her little girl.
There is also nothing in the world like sisters.  When I was pregnant again this past fall, as much as I knew I one day wanted a son, I secretly hoped it was another little girl – because I am desperate for Cameron Kate to experience the joys of having a sister.  It’s a relationship like no other, a relationship that makes life more rich and meaningful and colorful.
And this weekend, I get to spend many, many, uninterrupted hours with my mama and my sisters.  We realized we hadn’t ever had a weekend with just us four, so after much discussion, plans were made.  Toes will be painted, clothes will be bought, alcohol will be consumed, and lots of delicious, calorie-laden food will be devoured.  But most importantly, we will talk, and laugh, and remember what it’s like to put our busy lives on hold and just be a mama and her three little girls.

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  1. Such a special, special weekend and already ready to do it again. Love you and miss you so!