Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why the Title?

So, obviously I did a little makeover around these parts (you like?) and it got me thinking about my blog title.  I never really discussed WHY I chose my title when I carved out my little corner of the internet universe over two years ago.

Sure, I love cupcakes.  And yep, I love to run.  But my pleasure over these two things is not the reason for the words that adorn the top of this page.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was obviously THRILLED.   However, I was also nervous.  Not necessarily nervous about labor and delivery or even the logistics of taking care of a baby – somehow I knew it would all work itself out.

I was nervous about how I was going to balance it all.

Pre-Cameron Kate, I always struggled with balance.  As an educator, it was hard to learn when to leave work at work – T used to always say he liked his July-August wife a lot better than his September-June wife!  It has also always been hard for me to balance work and play in general – figuring out when to put the to-do list down and just LIVE.  So when I saw those two pink lines, I wondered how I’d wrestle with balance when a brand new squishy human being was thrown into the mix.

When I decided to start writing this blog, I pondered over the title for quite awhile.  Then one day it hit me – I’ve always been obsessed with cupcakes (I even had cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, BEFORE that was the trend!) and I’ve always been addicted to running.  These two things together almost create a contradiction… a balance.

The title has always felt right to me – like the perfect sign hanging on a storefront window.  It is a true reflection of my constant struggle – When to indulge, when to be disciplined.  When to tackle the to-do list, when to have fun.  When to be a rule-follower, when to throw caution to the wind.

When to hold on tight… when to let go.

Balance is a tricky thing, and it’s something that looks different and feels different to everyone.

For me?  It’s often about lacing up my running shoes, pounding the pavement for a few miles, then coming home to a glass of red wine… and a cupcake.

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