Friday, May 24, 2013

You Could Probably Care Less, But...

Here are some random and probably little-known facts about ol’ Mrs. Cupcakes and Running Shoes.

*I can’t STAND when a public bathroom doesn’t have paper towels to dry hands, and instead you have to use a hand dryer.  Sure, it’s better for the green movement, and I’m a big fan of our planet, but give me a freaking paper towel because those air things NEVER get my hands all the way dry and it drives me crazy!

*I am OBSESSED with the smell of clean laundry.  Like, if I even get a whiff of that smell, I will follow my nose until I find the person who smells that good and ask about their detergent.  But it seems like even if I buy the EXACT same detergent, my clothes never smell that good!

*I don’t eat very much meat.  In fact, I could probably be a vegetarian without skipping a beat.

*I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.  And I worry about EVERYTHING.  I try to keep most of it to myself, but Lord if anyone could hear what goes on inside my head from day-to-day you’d make me an appointment with a psychiatrist.

*I drink TONS of water every day.  I have a cup of coffee in the morning, a Diet Coke with lunch, and a glass of wine or three each night – But I literally drink at least 6-8 LITERS of water a day.

*The food on my plate cannot touch.

*I have an abnormally small head.  It drives me crazy.

*And speaking of body parts, my ears are different from one another.  In 28+ years I never noticed it until my lovely husband pointed it out.  Now it also drives me crazy.

*I LOVE going on long car trips, and much prefer them over flying in a plane.

*I have a recurring tornado nightmare almost every two weeks.  The location and people are different, but there’s always a tornado.  This has led to an extreme storm anxiety and panic attacks when there’s a threat of a bad storm.  Because of this, I have not been able to stomach any of the stories or news coverage surrounding Oklahoma.  I will give, give, and give to the storm relief efforts, but I cannot handle hearing about it or seeing pictures.

*This is probably well-known by now – but running is my therapy.

*I prefer desserts to be slightly undercooked.  Take that, salmonella.

*In the evenings, I LOVE to get in my pj’s and wash my face ASAP.  There’s something about it signaling the end of the day, telling my body it’s time to kick back and relax.

*Speaking of pj’s, I keep wanting to buy cute little pajama sets to jazz up my nighttime attire – but I always end up in T’s old boxer shorts and a stained, torn up tshirt.

*I can’t stand having long fingernails.  It makes me feel dirty.  In fact, as soon as my fingernails grow even a millimeter, I have to cut them as short as possible.

*I often almost every night have a glass of wine and eat chocolate/dessert BEFORE dinner.

*When I was in elementary school, my grandma won a trip to California/Disney Land on Wheel of Fortune (she wasn’t actually ON the show, she sent in an answer to a puzzle).  So she, my mom, my older siblings, and I trekked to the west coast and met Pat Sajak and Vanna White.  I still have very vivid memories of this trip!!

*It really bothers me when someone uses a microwave and leaves a couple seconds blinking on the timer when they’re finished.

*After a series of scares/tests/heart ultrasounds a few years ago, we learned I have a missing “blip” on an EKG because the upper right quadrant of my heart doesn’t fire the way it’s supposed to.  I also have bradycardia, meaning my resting heart rate during the day is typically in the 40s.  At night it’s even lower and that’s when it really bothers me.  I often have “episodes” (usually when I’m trying to fall asleep) that are very scary and make me feel very weird, though the cardiologist assured us that my heart has adapted just fine and all is well in there.  It’s still something I think about every single day.

*I eat way too much Ranch dressing.  On everything.

*Academically, I was ranked number 10 in my high school class of 450+.  And I only missed ONE question on the SAT math test.

*I LOVE dozing off on the couch snuggled up with T before we actually go to bed.  I do this every single night.

*In addition to my head and mismatched ears, I can’t stand my eyelids or my feet.

*I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to swim with dolphins.  We had a chance to do so on our honeymoon, but didn’t.  I have regretted it ever since.

*I’ve learned recently that I think I’m a little scared of heights.

*And as I’ve gotten older, I think I’m also quite scared of the ocean.

*I LOVE Oreo-flavored anything.

*My first car was a 1978 blue hatchback Honda Accord.  Picture the Wayne’s World car, minus the flames.

*I literally cannot fall asleep breathing through my mouth.  I sleep with my mouth clamped shut and my teeth clenched… hence the night guard I’ll soon be sporting at bedtime.  (Sexy!)

*The volume on people’s televisions really bothers me.  I have yet to go into a house without thinking someone’s tv is turned up WAY too loud.  I’m constantly asking yelling at T to “turn it down!” – It drives him crazy.

*When I eat a sandwich (or something similar), I usually eat around the outside edges and save the middle for last.

*I lived in Canada for two years when I was younger.

*I DREAM of going on The Amazing Race with T.  I really, really wanna do it!  I just can’t get motivated to apply!!

*I would rather pay for a stylist than a maid.

*I was voted Most Spirited in high school!  Go Silver Foxes!!

That’s all, for now.  I’ll keep a few tidbits secret in hopes that y’all will still be my friends.



  1. haha! good stuff.
    Sometimes, I randomly get the "This is the song that never ends.." song stuck in my head.
    But random is good!
    I can't stand the person that leaves seconds on the microwave either. Don't they know that is where the clock is??!!
    I need to start running again.

  2. We are sisters from different mothers.

    1. Agreed. Except that you're Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen, and I'm Mrs. Doubtfire.