Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Spring Break, in Pictures

We had a great week taking a break from the normalcy of life, and I thought the best way to document our week o' fun would be through pictures.  So sit back, relax, and relive our spring break 2013...

We enjoyed lazy mornings on the couch...

We enjoyed insisting on wearing too-big shoes and sitting on the potty with Brownie, one of her new favorite friends.

We surprised Daddy at work and spent a fun afternoon out on the field behind his office building!

We made "chocy-chit" cookies from scratch...
And waited patiently while they cooked in the oven.
Don't knock her rat tail.

We had so much fun at a local church's Easter festival with - who else - our Yinds.

I celebrated the last single days of my good friend, Rea... So excited about her wedding this weekend!

We ventured to Burlington to visit Grammy and PaPa Peele for Easter, which included...

LOTS of giggles playing peek-a-boo with PaPa...
Having fun at a park...
Dying Easter eggs with Grammy...
And celebrating Jesus and the true meaning of Easter!
 With, of course, another Easter egg hunt.  She would've hunted for Easter eggs all day if food and naps and clean diapers and bedtimes weren't necessities.

We spent a lot of time in our jammies...

We spent a little time being a moody toddler.

We took part in Cameron's favorite new pastime, visits to the "pay-goun."

We headed to Fort Mill to visit "Bts" and "Raw-yee"...
 And Aunt Lu...
 And their awesome "pay-goun."
 I even had a couple launch events for my new business, which is doing GREAT!!

This Dada got even more wrapped around this little girl's finger.

We visited some of my oldest, best friends from high school and got the kiddos together!

We battled some incoming teeth, which led to my sweet CK falling asleep mid-snack-cup-reach during a run in the stroller.

We spent lots of time playing hide-and-seek, no clothes required.

We cleaned.

We ate with our feet on the table.

We played with "Bay Bay."

We played peek-a-boo (or, as Cameron says, "peach-a-boo") over, and over, and over.

We colored.

We read lots of books with Bammy when she came to visit.

Bammy even conducted the Cameron Express!

 We spent lots of time on the "wing."

 And had picnics.

And ventured back to Fort Mill for a quick visit with Uncle Dame and Aunt Jamie!

 We attempted to get a picture of the three stooges.

 And we even dug in the dirt.

 By the end of the week, we were EXHAUSTED!

 It was jam-packed, challenging at times, full of giggles, so fun, and even emotional as I spent every second with my girl and realized how quickly (too quickly!) she's growing up.  I swear overnight she decided to grow an inch of hair and an inch of height and start speaking in three-word sentences.  She is my mini-me and I am loving being her mama.  And even when I spend all day everyday by her side, it STILL doesn't feel like enough time.

The countdown to summer is officially ON!

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  1. Best post ever. Looove these pics and the memories and my Peele pals. :)