Monday, April 29, 2013

How I Ended a Decade

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I spent the last few days of my twenties in one of my most favorite places – the mountains.   

Here is how I ended a decade...
This was our cabin, appropriately called "Birds' Eye View"
A spiral staircase that connected all three levels!

The town of Newland below the mountain!

Even our sweet girl enjoyed the view!

 We drove up to the very top of Grandfather Mountain... These cross-back roads were in Forrest Gump and are featured in many car commercials!

 We drove higher...

 And higher...

 Until we were at the VERY top!  I may or may not have almost peed in my pants... Apparently I'm a teensy bit scared of heights!

 The girl who made me a mama :)

 Time for the mile-high, swinging bridge!

 My heart beats faster just LOOKING at this picture and remembering what it was like to be so high up with my tiny little girl!

 It really is a mile up!

 And who knew time-out even exists on the top of Grandfather Mountain?!

 We learned about Daniel Boone!

 Attempted (unsuccessfully) to take a selfie...

 And bought Cameron her souvenir, Black Bear (AKA "BB"), who she was attached to for the rest of the trip.

 Then, one of my most favorite memories... watching Cameron watch the REAL black bear eat peanuts!

 We went back to the cabin for some mid-day naps, drinks, and a little hide-and-seek.  This was Cameron's favorite hiding spot... It took me FOREVER to find her! :)

 Then it was time to get all dressed up and head to Blowing Rock for some shopping and eating!

 We ate at Bistro Roca, the same restaurant we went to for TJ's 30th birthday!!!

Cheers to 30!

 Virtually impossible to take her picture these days...

 The two people who make this life so beautiful.

 Excuse the sans-make-up look, but one of my favorite memories of the weekend was sitting in the hot tub for hours after Cameron went to bed, just talking and laughing with my favorite guy.

 Cameron and BB were both wiped out after a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend.  It was the perfect send-off for a decade that was full of adventure, a decade that saw me graduate from college, move to North Carolina, become a teacher in my very own classroom, get engaged in that classroom, get married in the Caribbean, buy a house, become Teacher of the Year, get my master's degree, become an aunt, become a Curriculum Coordinator, and give birth to the most incredible little girl.  It's been a beautiful life I feel so undeserving of, and I'm doing my best to soak in each and every moment.  I can't WAIT to see what the next decade has in store... Bring it on, 30's!! 


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    And I will not tell you how many times I've watched the Cameron/black bear video. Hint: A LOT.

  2. oh, amazing!!
    we spent our anniversary in a cottage in the mountains about 3 weeks ago, there is nothing like it!!
    The mountains are just so inspiring..
    I don't think i could ever get tired of seeing them.

    1. I agree!:) It's like nature's masterpiece!