Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, I guess I should start with HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I’m sure blogs across America are highlighting each writer’s resolutions and hopeful plans of becoming a better human.  And I, too, have my own resolutions in mind – though I’ve chosen to keep them close to my heart this year as I strive for better-ness.  I did go back and read last year’s post at this time, and I must say that I’m proud of my progress this year with my 2012 resolutions.  I’m far from being the person I want to be, but I think I made some significant gains in terms of not sweating the small stuff, being more spontaneous, and soaking in my job as a wife/mama.  And wow, looking back at that post makes me realize how far we’ve come as a family of three!  Last year at this time I was only two months into this whole mama gig, and while I still feel like a beginner, I’m much more comfortable in my mom jeans these days. J

So anyway, in honor of the traditional New Year’s Eve countdown, I thought I’d highlight ten of my favorite 2012 memories, in no particular order…

10.  My family’s first annual Christmas in July!  From the Christmas decorations, to the pool, to the bounce house, to lots of food and drinks, to a back porch late night jam session, to a crazy card game, to the wonderful chaos that ensues when my entire family gets together, it was an unforgettable weekend.

9.  The births of my niece, Raleigh, and my nephew, Smith!  Two beautiful, perfect additions to our family.  Two babies who we’ve waited our whole lives to meet!  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love my job as an aunt. J

8.  Starting our own holiday traditions!  From traveling to the mountains to cut down our own tree, to lunch at the Daniel Boone Inn, to spending Christmas morning with our little family of three, to eating Christmas dinner in our own home, it was a wonderful holiday season.

7.  An entire week at the beach with Linds, Clay, Banks, and Raleigh!  We had an awesome vacation from start to finish filled with memories I’ll forever cherish.

6.  Cameron’s first birthday celebrations (minus the whole ankle ordeal).  Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family, and there’s nothing like making your own child feel SO special.  While she obviously doesn’t understand the concept of birthdays yet, Cameron definitely knew it was a very special day for her.

5.  A new, incredible friendship.  You know who you are.  I’m honored to be a part of your life.

4.  My first Mother’s Day.  It was perfection, a day spent with my little family at the zoo.  One of my favorite days of 2012.

3.  The summer in general.  This was my first summer as a mama, and it was my best yet.  From lazy pajama days, to countless trips to the pool teaching our little girl to swim, to backyard cookouts, to morning runs, to late afternoon walks, to T's softball games, to spending hours with Cameron in the baby pool on the back porch – this summer filled up my heart with SO much joy.

2.  Moving my older sister’s family to Charlotte!  Obviously we’re very close to the Lutons, especially since my hub and brother-in-law were best friends in high school… so spending a weekend moving them just an hour and a half away from us was a huge event this year.

1.  My little sister getting engaged!  I’ll never forget the phone call, the excitement in her voice – I mean I could HEAR her smiling.  The festivities have only just begun with dress shopping and wedding planning… And I must say, there’s just something about your baby sister getting MARRIED that pulls on your heartstrings, ya know?

So here’s to 2013… I’m sure there will be plenty of ups and downs, lessons learned, successes and failures, gains and losses.  But through it all I hope I can always remember to enJOY.

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  1. Love your final remark...to enJOY. How often we get caught up in our troubles that we forget to enJOY and relish in the blessings that are around us. Thanks for getting my pea-brain off to a great start =)