Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 Souls, 1 Heart

Within the span of forty-eight hours, my mother-in-law, Sandy, had to say goodbye to both her mama and daddy.  Yes... you read that right... they BOTH passed away within two days of each other (Papaw Bill on Saturday, Granny Cox on Monday).

When I heard the news, I immediately said a prayer.  A prayer for Granny Cox and Mr. Bill, a prayer for Sandy and her broken heart, a prayer for her sister, a prayer for my father-in-law and his strength, a prayer for T and my sisters-in-law.  And then I squeezed my husband as tight as I could and said, "I hope we go like that.  I hope we can live a long, beautiful, full life together like they did - soulmates, best friends - have kids, and grandkids, and great-grandkids.  And then disappear in the quiet of a restful sleep, walking hand-in-hand through the gates of Heaven, knowing we'd be together eternally."

How beautiful is it to think of them - 2 souls, 1 heart - SO deeply connected and SO spiritually bonded that they left this earth together.  Granny Cox always told my mother-in-law she was so worried about what would happen to Papaw Bill once she'd passed.  And what do you know, he left us first, to undoubtedly get all gussied up, make sure their dog Princess was in tow, and welcome Granny with open arms, like, "There you are!  I've been waiting for you.  And you have NOTHING to worry about."

If, for some reason, you ever doubted - surely Granny Cox and Mr. Bill will restore your faith in God and in the power of true love.

To Granny Cox - though we were only able to be together a few times, I always felt so loved by you and like one of your own grandchildren.  I can still hear your sweet voice and will forever lock it up in my mind to bring a smile on a troubled day.
Granny Cox and Me, 2008
To Mr. Bill - we never did get to meet in person, but I've always loved and respected the man I know you to be.  I look forward to meeting you one day when I know you'll welcome the rest of us with open arms.

And to Sandy - I love you and am so, so sorry for your hurting heart.  I know you are at peace with the fact that your parents are together, in an amazing place, but I also know they will be fiercely missed.  Their legacy will live on through you, as you are a shining example of just how incredible they were.

Two souls, one heart, together eternally in a place beyond our deepest comprehension, beyond our wildest dreams.  xo.

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