Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Many Faces of Cameron Kate

A montage of the many faces of Cameron.  Enjoy.

Her "I adore my dada" face:

 Her "Oh no she didn't!" face:

 Her going-in-for-a-kiss face:

 Her not-impressed-by-car-trips face:

 Her adorable scrunched-nose face:

 Her "have you seen how cool this toy is?!" face:

 Her "it doesn't get much better than the pool and snacks" face:

 Her rockstar face:

 Her "watch me go!" face:

 Her exhausted face:

 Her "I love Ellie" face:

 Her "Ohmygah I'm STANDING" face:

 Her "say whaaaa?" face:

 Her "get outta here!" face:

 Her focused, working hard face:

 Her deep concentration face:

 Her I-see-the-camera-and-am-going-to-attempt-to-look-like-Popeye-so-you-can't-get-anymore-pictures face:

 Her blowing raspberries face:

 Her "Hold up... the phone call is REALLY for me?!" face:

 Her sleepy-eyes face:

 Her Sloth (GOONIES!) face:

 Her silly face:

 Her "Look Ma, no hands!" face:

Her having-a-blast face:

 Her "don't bother me, can't you see I'm reading" face:

 Her thank-you-very-much-but-I-can-feed-myself face:

 Her happy face:

 Her "uh-oh-I'm-caught, who me?" face:

 Her goofy face:

 Her sad face:

 Her I'm-pretending-I'm-sleeping face:

 Her ticked off face:

 Her in-awe face:

 Her innocent face:

 Her "I give up" face:

 Her "check me out!" face:

 Her "wait a second... I'm walking!" face:

 Her cuddling face:

 Her pouting face:

 Her sneaky face:

 Her prissy-putting-on-makeup face:

Love 'em all!


  1. Love all of her adorable expressions, but the "Oh no she didn't" may be my fave. Made me lol.

  2. Love the Popeye face :) What a sweet baby girl !

  3. I especially like the going in for a kiss face! So funny!! :)