Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

~HOW in the WORLD is this little guy going to be THREE YEARS OLD tomorrow?!  Love my nephew Banks “bunches and bunches”! J

~Yesterday’s post coupled with stress at work and emotional exhaustion have me in quite a pity-party mode.  But I won’t dwell, because no one wants to wallow in negative blog nonsense.

~I have been on the hunt for candy corn Oreos with no luck.  Everyone says to check Target – well, I’ve checked TWO Targets… no dice.

~About a week and a half ago, Cameron made the transition to where she actually prefers to walk.  It’s like she realized how fun it is, and now she doesn’t want to be held and doesn’t want to crawl – Homegirl wants to WALK, or as of late, even attempt to run.  Watch out world.

~I have a feeling that the transition to cow’s milk isn’t going to go as seamlessly as I’d hoped (made apparent when CK took one sip and hurled her sippy cup clear across the kitchen).  With a tanking supply and a freezer full of funky-smelling milk, I’ve been a tad bit stressed.

~I signed up to do another half marathon in December – Woop!  I’m excited, but also a little nervous because I have neither the time nor the motivation to train like I did for my last one.

~Cameron will transition to the toddler room in her school on the 22nd of October.  While I know she’s ready for the change (though I can’t believe she’ll be sleeping on a little cot!), I am SO sad that she’s moving out of her current class because I LOVE her teachers.

~It drives me crazy when people don’t rsvp to a party/shower/wedding/etc.  I mean, how hard is it to send an email or make a quick phone call?!  This mama needs to plan, people!!

~We’re taking CK to the fair next week!!  I LOVE the fair!!!!!

~We live under huge oak trees and this time of year the acorns fall constantly, making it sound like we live inside a bag of microwave popcorn.  It’s driving me crazy.

~I don’t plan on taking Cameron door-to-door for Halloween trick-or-treating, but I hope we can find something fun to do because I love her costume!

~I wish I had a chef.  And a stylist.  I’m not sure which I’d want more…

~I’m having a really hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that our little girl will be a whole year old in just a week-and-a-half!!  Speaking of being a year old, we have her one-year photo shoot this weekend with the very talented Brooke and Joey of Urban Bloom Photography (  Fingers crossed for good weather and a happy baby!

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  1. These comments go for the past 3 blog posts...
    1) I totally agree with everything on the breastfeeding was like you typed every thought I've ever had about it.
    2) I almost cried for you when I read about the spoiled did it go bad? I dropped just a few ounces that I'd pumped when Gray was only a few weeks old and I totally cried!
    3) Candy corn oreos??? Please tell me more. I've never been a fan of oreos until I realized they were dairy free and I can't have dairy because of...well, refer back to comment #1.

    Hope you have a great, stress free weekend with your beautiful girl :)