Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A White Dress

Will she really walk down an aisle and say, “I do”? 

Will she put a ring on his finger, be a wife, have a husband? 

Will she really wear a white dress?

Let’s rewind.

I was three months shy of turning four-years-old, so my memories of her birth aren’t exactly crystal clear.  But I remember my dad holding my hand.  I remember him smoking his pipe.  And I remember him telling me, “You have a little sister.”

What he didn’t realize was that in that single moment he had given me one of the greatest blessings I would ever receive in my life.

She’s the kind of person who you feel lucky to know.  The kind of person who marches to the beat of her own drum, is so selfless she has a terrible sense of guilt if she ever thinks she’s done even the tiniest thing to upset you, the kind of girl who has no clue how beautiful she is.

With each day, each month, each year, we continue to grow closer and closer.  She is one of my very best friends, someone I know would stop what she’s doing in the blink of an eye and drive the five hours to Winston if I told her I needed her.

And Cameron Kate absolutely adores her.

But in my mind, she’s twelve-years-old.  And she always will be.

So HOW in the WORLD is she engaged?  HOW in the WORLD am I going to be able to hold it together while she puts on a white dress?

The only thing giving me comfort is that I am 100% sure she’s found her soul mate.  Her best friend.  Someone who will never leave her, never abandon her.  Someone who understands her insecurities and loves her for them…  Someone who gets that she loves Chick-Fil-A, is brilliant but not always the sharpest knife in the drawer… Someone who knows she likes to sleep late and sideways in the bed, is a night person and not a morning person… Someone who is worthy of her ability to love with her whole entire heart.

This weekend, we’re going to help her choose a white dress.

Stay tuned.

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  1. How FUN!!!!!!!! And I agree, Whit is one of a kind. :)