Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Dusty Hairdryer

I have only used my hair dryer twice since October 10th.  Isn’t that pitiful?!  When I pulled it out to use it before Cameron’s church dedication, it had collected dust.  Now, before she was born, I would blow-dry my hair religiously  Like most twenty-something females, I was decently concerned with my appearance, putting quite a bit of thought into how I looked each day… from my outfit, to my hair, to my makeup.  I would agonize over a pimple – vanity at its finest.

These days?  Obviously, that’s changed quite a bit, proven by the ½ inch or so of dust that has resided on my hair dryer.  And my straightener.  And my curling iron.  And half of my makeup collection.

         These days, I’m lucky if my clothes are clean.

No really… the other day I got to school and realized my shirt was soaking wet.  I was so confused… then I remembered when Cameron had spit up before I left for school.  However, when she spit up, I couldn’t find it (remember the scene from There’s Something About Mary?... it was just like that, only less crude).  So anyway, when I got to school I realized her spit up had soaked my shirt, and I didn’t realize it until I was already at work.  Delicious.

I also spend a lot less time in front of the mirror these days, unless you count the ten minutes or so in the mornings where I throw on some makeup and brush my soaking wet hair.  So the other morning on the way to school when I looked in the car mirror and saw my eyebrows, I was shocked – where did THOSE come from?!  Let’s back up… I’ve never had good eyebrows.  My hair above my eyes is like that on my head – fine and thin.  So right before Cameron was born, I’d decided to try to let them grow without plucking at all, just to see what they’d do.  So, about four and a half months later, I realized that I hadn’t touched a pair of tweezers in… well… four and a half months.  YEESH.  I then proceeded to spend ten minutes in front of the school where I work in my car plucking my eyebrows.  (Where did I find tweezers, you ask?  Well, remember my more vain days?  I carried a pair of tweezers in my purse, and it was still there!)

Even more embarrassing is the fact that I got halfway to school one morning and realized I hadn’t put a bra on.  No, I’m not kidding.  I had put on a nursing tank top, so I guess the support of that had me fooled until I went over a large pothole on Reynolda Road.  Maybe I need to tweak my checklists a bit.

         I’m a mess.  But I’m a happy mess!! J

We’re still having a blast with Cameron Kate, and I’m actually reverting back to tears on Sunday nights at the thought of going to work on Monday and being away from my girl.  She just gets more fun everyday!  The hub and I spent most of our weekend at home smiling and laughing with our bug.  And this whole rice cereal/oatmeal thing is a blast.  I look forward to it all day long!!  We’ll be doing it for a few weeks, then we’ll move on to veggies.  I can’t wait!  But, I can – because she’s growing up so/too fast.

And by the way, I’d trade well-styled hair and well-groomed eyebrows for all of this any day.  (But I’d better hold on to my bra.)

 Happy girl!
 Excited to try oatmeal on a Saturday morning!
 Working on sitting up like a big girl!
 She looks so tall here!
 FEET!  Of course.
Headed to church!

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