Sunday, March 11, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling

I’m the type of person one looks at and says, “Live a little!”

         What they probably should say is, “Live a lot!”

I’m mildly Type-A, love checking off boxes on my To-Do list, revel in making plans, and have to take deep breaths when those plans veer off course.

However, since Cameron Kate was born, I obviously have had to laugh in the face of my Type-A personality on many accounts.  There’s nothing like a baby to teach you how to live in the moment.  And, since going back to work, my personality is in a constant state of back-and-forth between not taking a single moment for granted and making sure all of the zillion To-Do’s are completed in the short time I have to get it all done.

Enter my New Year’s resolutions (see previous post), which included being more spontaneous and not taking a single minute for granted.

         Yeah, I’m still working on that.

And although my husband may say I have a long way to go, I think I’m making some progress!  I really am trying to enjoy every nook and cranny of my days in this new life as a wife and a mom.  And I really do love this life!  I just wish I could get even better at being more spontaneous, not sweating the small stuff, and soaking in every single second.  It’s a process, I guess.

So anyway, every Friday afternoon when I pick up C from school, we jam out and dance to the “Everyday I’m Shuffling” song by LMFAO (I can’t remember the actual title… but every time I hear that line, the song gets stuck in my head for like 48 hours.  It’s probably stuck in your head now, too.)  It’s our little tradition, celebrating the fact that the weekend is here and we have two whole days to spend together.  So last Monday morning when I got into my car, the song was still cued up from Friday.  My first reaction was to change it – that’s the Friday song, not the Monday song!  But then I thought, why not?!  And I proceeded to car-dance all the way to school, with the song on repeat.  I even practiced my steering wheel finger dance I learned from my mama. J  No joke, I was literally out of breath from dancing as I drove down the road.  People drove past me and looked at me like I was a lunatic.  BUT, most of those people ended up smiling and laughing at me.  So hey!  Maybe the positive energy was contagious, which we all know is needed on a Monday morning.

These days, I’m all about relishing in little moments like that, moments that can unexpectedly put a smile on your face.  Cameron honestly makes me want to soak in every second, because it’s all going by so fast now that she’s here!  (How is she five months old already?!)

These days, I’m living for her smiles, her giggles, those sweet fat rolls on her thighs… The way she discovers something new everyday, and the way she looks at her daddy with such adoration.  I’m living for red wine and Cadbury eggs (the candy I HOARD when Easter goodies hit the shelves), Skinnygirl Margaritas and home-cooked meals.  I’m living for the moment when I lay my head on my hub’s shoulder after Cameron’s in bed and we’ve finished dinner, with a sigh and a smile that another wonderful day has passed.  And we kicked butt as parents.

What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that I’m attempting to live… A LOT.

         Everyday I’m shuffling…

 Me and my girl
 The surprise I brought my hub on Friday night!
 Sweet baby

 5 months old and showing off a lil' leg!
 I can't believe five months have passed!

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