Monday, October 24, 2011

I've Survived 2 Weeks!

I’m now 2 weeks into motherhood and have realized a few things.

1.    Showers and teeth-brushing are luxuries.
2.    Sleeping for more than 2 hours straight feels like BLISS.
3.    People are ridiculously generous… Cameron (and the rest of the Peeles!) have been showered with love since the day she entered this world in the form of calls, emails, clothes, food, etc.
4.    Nursing is harder and more rewarding than I ever imagined.
5.    One does not fit into pre-pregnancy clothes after only 2 weeks.  Yeesh.
6.    My daughter is the best. J
7.    My blog posts are going to be getting quite a bit shorter – finding time to type is TOUGH!  Finding time to do ANYTHING (other than nurse, put her down for a nap, love on her, and breathe) is TOUGH.

Obviously, I’m loving every minute of this crazy ride.  And a crazy ride it’s been.  My hub and I continue to figure out and learn about our sweet baby girl, learning how to work together to try to give her everything she needs.  We obviously have no clue what we’re doing, but we’re working on it!

As I typed last time, the hardest part of it all has been my recovery… it totally caught me off guard.  And just as I was starting to feel better, I managed to get mastitis… which basically feels like the flu, and was NOT fun.

Luckily with some antibiotics, love from my girl, and an amazing hub and mom I’m feeling MUCH better.

Yep, my mom is in town and has been for about 5 days to help me as my hub transitioned back to work.  As my hub put it last night, “I’ve never felt so taken care of!”  (By the way, I was kind of offended by that comment!)  But, he’s right.  My mom has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  She’s cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, taking this mama to get a pedicure, babysitting so we can have a date night, loving on our girl, changing diapers, giving the 4am bottle… pretty much all we could hope for and more.  I am going to be SO upset when she leaves on Wednesday… It’s gonna be scary to go at it alone!

Sweet Cameron continues to amaze me everyday.  She’s starting to stay awake a lot more (and is out of her “newborn coma”) and is making the cutest facial expressions I have ever seen.  As every parent knows, I could literally just stare at her  This love is incredible.

So remember when I said showers were a luxury?  I’m gonna take advantage of this rare moment of “nap time” and bathe myself. J
 Pretty in pink

 Fast asleep
 Cameron Kate loves her Bammy!
 A tired, but happy mama

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