Sunday, September 4, 2011

You still have HOW long?! There's NO WAY you'll last 'til 40 weeks! Are you SURE there's only one in there?!

Oh the things people will say to you when you’re pregnant.  Just when I think I’ve heard it all – someone says something else.  And it’s mostly women!  Women who’ve actually been pregnant before!  Don’t y’all remember what it’s like to be this pregnant?  To FEEL like a house without being reminded that you LOOK like a house?  GEEZ. J

And let me tell you, at this stage of the game, I do NOT need to be reminded by anyone that I am, indeed, knocked up.  There’s not a moment that goes by that I forget it – trust me.  And not just because of my little bug constantly moving and kicking (which, by the way, I’m going to miss terribly once he/she decides to cross to the outside) – but because of EVERYTHING ELSE.  And when I say everything else, I mean all of the joys that come along with being this L.A.R.G.E. – joys that have hit me head on in the last week or so.

While it probably doesn’t help that the hub and I had weeknight obligations EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT this week, I felt a level of exhaustion this week that I’ve never felt before.  And yes, people, I know – “just wait ‘til the baby’s born” – but at least when the baby is born I’ll be able to lay my eyes on the little bug and it’ll make it all worth it.  This recent bout of exhaustion is tear-jerking – call me a drama queen if you want – but it’s like a bone-deep, painful, unimaginable level of physical exhaustion that I’ve never experienced before.  And honestly I think what’s been most surprising is how fast it came on.  For example, I decided to get my still-widening butt on the treadmill yesterday… walked on an incline for 40 minutes, not very fast – and an hour later, I felt like I’d run a marathon.

Like I said, I’ve probably pushed it a little bit this week, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson.  Mama Peele – it’s time to sloooooow down.

But let me tell you – slowing down is tough to do when your brain says, “But you still need to do this!  And do that!  And don’t forget about this, either!”  But I’m working on it. J

So beyond this new level of tiredness, I find the rest of the last-month-of-pregnancy-woes to be quite humorous.  I mean how can you not laugh at yourself when it takes you ten minutes to try to put on socks?  It’s an art, I tell you – bending at just the right angle where my belly doesn’t feel like I’m squishing it to pieces and just a little to the side so that I can slip my sock over my toes.  Sometimes it takes three or four attempts before I can get the sock hooked just right.  And let’s not even talk about trying to tie my own shoes.

Oh, and how about the amount of sweat that appears after the simple act of blow-drying my hair?  I find showering to be something to celebrate these days (I won’t even mention shaving) – but showering seems pretty irrelevant when, by the time I’ve blow-dried my hair, I need another shower.  And speaking of sweat… The other day I got up from my desk at work and I had two sweat circles where my belly sits on top of my legs.  Beautiful.

I tell you, I just have to laugh at myself at this point!  But I can’t laugh too hard, because… well… let’s just say Depends should start marketing toward pregnant people and not just the elderly.

Let’s see… what else – Oh the swelling.  No matter how much water I drink and how often I try to put my feet up, my feet, legs, and fingers are dunzo.  I can’t wear my engagement ring anymore, and I have a blister from trying to shove my wedding band on and off.  I know I need to just give up, but I can’t stand the thought of not wearing a ring!

Oh, and also, these days, when I get my mind stuck on a certain food item, I HAVE to have it.  Like immediately.  Like on Wednesday, I was so tired, and walked out to my car after work, and was about to leave for the day, when I remembered the Tootsie Pop sitting in my desk drawer.  And I HAD to have it.  Like right then.  So I got out of my car, walked back into the building, and had the secretary unlock my office for me – all for a Tootsie Pop.  It was blue, if you care to know.

And, I’m finally hopeful that our little won’t be completely bald, because I had my first experience with terrible heartburn and indigestion this week – Let’s just say I won’t be eating wings again until Baby Peele makes his/her debut.

Even funnier than my own ridiculous pregnancy stories are the things the kids at school are saying.  This was their first full week back at school, and they are just amazed that my belly is sticking out so far.  (Don’t worry, kiddos, I am, too!)  One first grader turned to her friend and said, “Dang!  That girl pregnant!”  A third grade boy whispered (not very quietly) to the girl beside him, “Mrs. Peele got a fat belly now!”  To which she replied, “She’s pregnant!”  And he said, “Oh… well that’s good!”  Most of the kindergarten students just simply ask if there’s a baby in my belly, though one obviously advanced five-year-old just simply stated, “I like your baby!”  To which I said, “Thanks!  Me too!”  I’ve also had, “I hope you have a nice baby!”  And one little boy who, everyday, says, “The baby is STILL in there?!”  Let’s hope so, buddy… let’s hope so.

While all the kids ask me over and over if it’s a boy or a girl, I enjoy asking them what THEIR opinion is.  One little boy SWEARS that his five-year-old brother has NEVER predicted wrong.  So I proceeded to walk straight into the little boy’s class and ask his opinion.  “Boy.”  He said, matter-of-factly.  Interesting.  We’ll know soon enough!

Speaking of when we’ll know, everyone appears to believe I’ll be having Baby Peele sooner than later.  Now, these people know how my neurotic mind works, so I almost wish they’d keep this opinion to themselves!!  I just want to make sure he/she stays cooking for at least two more weeks, so we can make it to full-term and make sure the little bug is healthy enough to kick the world’s butt.  He/she is definitely growing in there, as the doctor declared at our checkup this week.  (His words were, “There’s a big youngin’ in there!”)  If I haven’t mentioned it before, my hub was TEN POUND ELEVEN OUNCES.  I’m clenching as I type.

So the doctor said he’ll probably order a growth ultrasound in a couple weeks so we can see just how big Baby Peele is and whether I’m going to pop out a walking, talking toddler.

We also started our childbirth classes this past week – we go for four Thursdays in a row.  I actually really enjoyed the class!  The instructor was great, and I love spending any sort of quality time with my hub, especially when it is centered around the upcoming arrival of our little one. J

Ok, so I’ve definitely made up for last week’s skimpy post with this wordy one.  As I said, it’s been an eventful time in the 40-week-expansion-project.  Next week I’ll be posting lots of pics – We have our last baby shower this week at my school!  I can’t wait!!

In the meantime, Monday is something to celebrate – it’s the special 35/35 day.  I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant, with only 35 days to go!! J

There it is at 34 weeks in all its glory!
My hub says the bump is already getting lower!

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