Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lots of Pictures, A Few Words

Well, if there’s anyone out there who actually enjoys reading my weekly updates, I have to forewarn you that this week’s is going to be heavy on the pictures, light on the words.  For a few reasons – I’m EXHAUSTED and in a lazy mood and too tired to type, and I have so many pictures to share it just seems like the words would be a waste of time this week. J

So enjoy the picture dump.  I’ll begin with pictures from another INCREDIBLE baby shower!!  My mother-in-law threw me a jungle-themed shower in Burlington this weekend, and she did not disappoint!  It was a day that was very overwhelming and humbling, a day I will never forget – a day that will forever be so special to me and our little bug!

The adorable invitation!
Table of goodies
Handmade chocolates to look like jungle animals
Handmade chocolate-covered Oreos!!
A glance of the room
Every table had a different centerpiece
So cute!
Diaper cake, made by my mother-in-law!
LOVED my corsage!
Mother-in-law on the left, my mama on the right, Babe Peele in the middle!
The wonderful hostess and her soon-to-be grandson/granddaughter!
2 of my sisters!
Mama :)
My other wonderful mother-in-law!
33 weeks and 20 weeks!!

While words don’t do my appreciation justice, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my mother-in-law for hosting such a perfect shower for us.  And THANK YOU to all of my family members on my side and my hub’s side who made the trip to celebrate Baby Peele.  It truly means so much to me to be surrounded by you guys during this exciting time.

The next picture dump will just be a few highlights from my maternity photo shoot.  I wasn’t planning on doing maternity pictures, but if you read my last post, I was lucky enough to meet someone who wanted to do them for free!  And now I’m really glad I did them.  I have to say, they did a great job editing. J  Enjoy!!

Check out the photographer's website:

I apologize again for the lack of words (and abundance of pictures) on this post – The hub and I had a long day today of working on the nursery and getting even more prepared for our son/daughter!  So I’m off to relax before another workweek begins.  And in case anyone is interested, I am now officially counting down the workdays, because 10/7 will be my LAST day before maternity leave!!!  29 more days!!!

Baby Peele in white!

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