Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anddddd I No Longer Have Ankles.

Yep, that’s right.  My ankles are gone.  The swelling crept on pretty early, about four weeks ago, but I was able to keep most of it at bay by chugging water, elevating my feet when possible, and exercising.  However, the swelling has now trumped all of my efforts and is winning the war.  It came on full fledge Wednesday evening, just in time for me to get weighed at the doctor on Thursday afternoon.  An eight-pound gain, folks.  Eight pounds in two weeks.  And no, I’m not eating us out of house and home, or sitting around like a sloth – in actuality, I’ve been eating much healthier lately because I’ve felt so darn HEAVY (because of, ah hem, the swelling)… I figured eating salads for lunch everyday would help combat the “I feel like a moose” mentality.  I’ve also been trying really hard to walk on the treadmill and lift weights as much as physically possible.  So yes, I believe the eight-pound gain is due to the fluid that my body is now storing.  Especially since around 4:00pm on Thursday I realized my ankles had disappeared.  My body is like a freaking cactus right now.  I feel like if you stuck a straw in me like they do on cartoons you’d be able to siphon out a gallon of fluid.  And “they” say that drinking water will actually help flush out fluid, so I’ve been chugging H20 like it’s nobody’s business.  But then, on Friday, I felt like I was drowning from the inside out – and I still had no ankles – so I give up.

         So ankles, I guess I’ll be seeing you around… sometime in the next one to three weeks.

That’s right, people – ONE TO THREE WEEKS!!!!!!  As of tomorrow, we’ll be 37 weeks, which means officially FULL TERM!!!!!  This is the last goal I’ve been so excited about reaching.  And while we still have some things on our to-do list, medically speaking Baby Peele is ready to kick the world’s butt, so I’m ready for him/her to arrive whenever he/she calls it quits on the inside.  I can’t wait to meet him/her and I can’t WAIT to stop using the / symbol!!!!!!

We had our 36 week checkup this week, during which my doctor again proclaimed that there’s definitely a “big youngin’” in me.  My 36-week belly is also measuring 38 weeks, so it’s no wonder I’ve been physically struggling!  He finally revealed that he thinks Baby Peele is already in the ballpark of seven pounds (!!!), and he went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound for this Thursday so we can get an idea of just how large and in charge this baby is.  I can’t wait to see our little one again, it’s been almost twenty weeks since our anatomy scan!!  I also found out that I’m about half a centimeter dilated – woohoo!  While this means absolutely nothing, it was exciting to know that at least SOMETHING has happened.  My doctor does not do weekly dilation checks, though, because I think he feels like it gets people’s hopes up.  Technically you can walk around three centimeters dilated for weeks, or you can be zero centimeters and go into labor an hour later – so what’s the point, I guess?

We got infant CPR certified today, we have our hospital tour tomorrow, and we have our last childbirth class on Thursday – We’re nearing the finish line!  And they SHOULD be done with the inside work on our house tomorrow – they’ll finish up the roof later this week.  I had a teensy tiny little meltdown on Friday evening when I walked in from work and saw the state of our house – I tell ya, working for months to get things where you want them to be only to have everything flipped upside down plus crazy pregnant lady hormones plus discomfort plus exhaustion equals a tearful disaster.  But I got over it… for now. J

I had my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday, too.  They were mostly in my back, and they definitely weren’t pleasant – though I know they’re nothing compared to what real contractions will feel like.  But, for one reason or another, I have no fear or worries when it comes to labor.  Because our bug is measuring so big, I’m coming to terms with the fact that a c-section may very well be in our future… and I’m trying to have absolutely no plans or expectations about the labor and delivery, because I feel like it’s a situation that is so far out of my control.  Trying to be in control of something that is beyond your control = insanity.  Even I, obsessive-compulsive-type-a-personality-planner know that. J  What will be, will be.  And at the end of the day, if Baby Peele and I are both okay and healthy when it’s all said and done, then I will consider it a perfect labor and delivery. J

By the way, I haven’t given a shout out to my awesome hub lately.  I’m not even sure that he reads the blog anymore, he’s gotten pretty busy.  But I have to remind you that I am married to the most incredible man.  And one of the reasons I am SO excited about Baby Peele making his/her debut is so he can hold his son/daughter in his arms.  You see, I’ve been holding our little one inside of me for nine months now… don’t you think it’s about time he had his turn? J

 Feeling rather LARGE these days!
Running out of clothes that fit!

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