Monday, August 8, 2011

"Back to life... Back to re-al-ity."

That song played over and over in my head as the hub and I drove home from a weeklong vacation at Carolina Beach.

The bad news?  Our vacation, which I had been looking forward to for SO long, was over.  The good news?  The “re-al-ity” we were heading home to is pretty awesome.  While it stinks that vacation is over, it means we’re that much closer to meeting our son/daughter!

         But let’s rewind a bit.

We had a quick doc appointment before we left for vacation.  Everything looked great, and we’re now on 2-week visits until we hit 36 weeks.  Yippee!!

I took my 29 week pics at the beach to keep up the tradition:

29!!  Last week in the twenties!
29 Weeks under the "Clay" shirt!!

And we had a BLAST at the beach.  Get ready for a picture dump!

My idea of bliss.

Long story about the matching shirts... GREAT idea babe!

Girls' day in Wilmington!

Sweet, adorable Banks!

Out to dinner at Elijah's!

Some of my favorite memories of the week were just sitting back and watching this little guy!

Baring 30 weeks of baby bump in a bikini with my HOT husband!!


All the good lookin' ladies!!

Me and my mama!!

The boys

Banks and his Uncle Dame

The whole crew eating at Havana's!

Good lookin' ladies again, fully clothed!

Me and my HOT hub, once again!

From pulling an awesome prank on my brother-in-law with matching tshirts, to surviving a waterspout, to endless cornhole games, to fun and sometimes heated rounds of CatchPhrase, to soaking up every ounce of my adorable nephew Banks, to sitting for hours on the beach with my toes in the sand and a good book, to getting my first jellyfish stings, to delicious crab legs, to laughing so hard my stomach hurt, we had an absolute blast. J

And now we’re back home, re-focused on getting things ready for our little one and getting back in a work frame of mind.  Yep, that’s right, I go back to work this Wednesday.  This has been the SHORTEST.SUMMER.EVER.  And while I can’t complain, because most people don’t get six weeks off for summer, it has FLOWN by.  I think with counting down the end of grad school (FINALLY FINISHED, with a 4.0 TOO!!! J) and working so hard to get ready for Baby Peele, summer slipped through my fingertips.  But as I said before, there’s a positive element to time going by quickly when you’re knocked up.

So, understandably so, I’m going to give myself a license to be lazy around the house during my last couple days off.  Other than laundry, groceries, cooking, and working out, I fully intend on soaking up mindless hours of dvr’d trash.  (Although, every time I set out to do just that, my mind won’t turn off and I end up being productive… so we’ll see!)

And as for workouts?  Yeah, those are getting MUCH harder.  My lung capacity is obviously limited now, my tailbones and hips ache, and my back is soooo sore.  I really hope to continue exercising up until my water breaks, so fingers are crossed that I can keep it up!

Other than that, I am constantly praying that our little bug stays put for at least 6 more weeks and makes it to full term!  It feels like everywhere I turn, I hear stories of people going into labor extremely early.  So thoughts and prayers for our little bug to grow strong and healthy enough to kick the world’s butt are appreciated!! J

30 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 weeks covered up!!

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  1. Aww you look good hun, I hope my bare belly looks that good come 30 weeks :)