Sunday, July 3, 2011

A COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was my reaction when I found out about baby Luton a couple months ago.  Hub and I were SO hoping that my sister and brother-in-law would be calling us with this news sometime soon, and we couldn’t have been happier when we got the video of our sweet nephew saying, “Big Brother!”  The hardest part was keeping it a secret for so long… But now, the secret’s out, and we can shout from the rooftops that Baby Peele is going to have a cousin just three months younger than him/her!!!

I was SO blessed to grow up with not only two amazing sisters and a brother (that eventually expanded to include an awesome stepbrother and stepsister), but also many, many cousins.  We LOVED when we were all together, which usually happened at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.  Our get-togethers included plays – lots of plays – productions that we thought were Oscar-worthy, of course.  And games, like rolly-polly, the bubble gum machine, and sliding down the stairs on egg crates (for my family members reading this – you know what I’m talking about!).  So suffice it to say I am beyond thrilled to recreate these same types of experiences for our son/daughter and (hopefully) future children.


Baby Peele and I have had a big week.  And by big, I mean expanding.  The past week or so has been the most uncomfortable since I graduated from the morning-sickness misery.  I’m not sure if the pictures will show it, but I swear I’ve gone through a growth spurt.  I’ve felt a lot of stretching, and tightness, and discomfort in all sorts of places indicative of growing pains.  Also, I am quickly realizing that I cannot quite keep up with my hub like I used to.  For example, we spent all day Saturday and Sunday home-improvement shopping and nursery shopping (even with an impromptu trip to IKEA in Charlotte) and it just about killed me.  My hips and back and feet are still aching, and I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.  With the third tri just a couple weeks away, I’m sure I’m not even close to experiencing true discomfort, so I’m trying to be as productive as possible and enjoy pregnancy while I can – Because y’all, I LOVE being pregnant right now! J

There are a couple things I’ve noticed about our son/daughter lately.  First of all, when I cross my arms (which now sit on top of my belly), I am apparently invading the bug’s space, because he/she will kick and punch at me like, “Um, excuse me, get out of my way!”  Also, he/she stays pretty vertical throughout the day; however, at night, he/she likes to switch positions and lay horizontally across my belly, often waking me up with kicks/punches on each side of my belly.  Coincidentally enough, my baby book said that this is the time when babies start getting a sense of equilibrium, which I guess explains the shift in positions at night!

Also, bug LOVES the Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds as much as I do.  As a matter of fact, he/she LOVES all food as much as I do, because every time I eat, I feel the dance party commence inside of me. J

The dance parties have been more and more frequent and a lot stronger lately, which you all know I LOVE.  Actually, the baby moves more than it’s still… and I just can’t get enough of it.

We’ve made some major progress on the home front, though the checklist is still quite daunting.  We ordered a glider and are awaiting its arrival… Hub tried to put the dresser together, but realized they sent us the wrong parts. L  So now we have to wait until the new parts come (fingers crossed it all works out!).  AND we found the PERFECT rug for the nursery, ordered it from Home Depot, and then got a call that we may or may not be able to get it – we won’t know until Tuesday (fingers crossed even more!).

By the way, when I walk by a mirror, or a window, and I get a peek at myself, I still can’t believe that’s me – that’s my body – that has changed so drastically to support the life growing inside of me.  I mean, have you ever really thought about it?  The way a woman’s body just changes, and a human being grows inside of it, and the body adjusts and spreads out and expands and the baby kicks and squirms and grows and WOW.  If I think about it – I mean if I REALLY think about it – it just makes me want to cry with joy.  I am so blessed to be carrying this child.  And I am both shocked at and loving the way my body is changing to support our sweet, sweet baby.

Have I expressed enough how in love I am with the idea of being this baby’s mom?  Just sayin’.
25 Weeks!  (A HUGE growth spurt, or at least I think so!)
P.S.  My hub is going to kill me for including this (one of his favorite lines now is, “This doesn’t need to go in the blog!” ha!)… but just now we were scanning all of my old bump pictures since I really felt like I’d gone through a growth spurt.  As we went wayyy back to the beginning (when I swore I had a tiny bump), his exact words were, “Look how thin you were!”  Um, babe… in your next life, don’t say that to your pregnant wife. J

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