Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Peele's Sweet Shoppe!

As if the 20ish pounds, body aches and pains, three months of nausea, constant kicks and punches inside my stomach, and arrival of nursery furniture didn’t make it real enough… I’m starting to believe that yes, I’m actually going to have a baby. J

This past weekend my sisters threw me an INCREDIBLE baby shower.  Talk about feeling so loved, special, and overwhelmed.  I’ve always known I was part of the best family on the planet, but this weekend was a great reminder of just how blessed I am.  All day on Saturday I could not believe that I was about to attend MY baby shower.  It seemed like it was just yesterday that we were throwing my older sister a shower – which was, actually, almost exactly two years ago – but the fact that this was a baby shower for me blew my mind.  I know, I know – from the outside looking in it’s easy to say that I should realize by now that yes, I am indeed pregnant (and not just bloated) and yes, I am indeed going to have a baby.  But I’d like to believe that for most women, everything just seems so surreal during the pregnancy.  Maybe that’s why we have to be pregnant for so long – it takes nine months for us to realize that this is all actually going to happen.

Anywho, back to the shower. J  If you’ve read earlier posts, you saw this invitation, showing that the shower was candy-themed.  (By the way, I have, like, the biggest sweet tooth ever.)

Another reason the weekend was so wonderful was because I got to see my older sister’s sweet little fourteen week baby bump.  She and I have always been ridiculously close, and being pregnant at the same time as one of my sisters is an absolute dream come true.  I cannot wait until all of the cousins can play together on the outside, rather than just being mashed together in an attempt to get a bump-to-bump picture. J

14 Weeks and 27 Weeks!

So this blog post is probably really just going to be a picture dump, because words won’t do the shower justice.  You’ve just got to see for yourself how awesome my sisters did in planning this shower!
Those are onesie/washcloths wrapped up as "candy"

Guests were able to make treat bags to take home!
Diaper Cake made by Grammy & Digby!
Yes, that is a cotton candy machine!
Homemade gumball machines with gifts for Baby Peele!

Baby Peele all dressed up for the party!
My mama (aka Grammy) and me
Me and my partner in crime getting a little wild with cotton candy!
So glad my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were able to make the trip!
Me and my Kewwy!
Me and Brookie, the newlywed pictured a few posts ago!
Anddd me and my incredible sisters, the wonderful hostesses!!

As for my little bug, he/she is continuing to host disco dance parties inside of me, which is awesome.  Following my sugar-filled weekend, I have my one hour glucose screening tomorrow morning – yikes!  So fingers are crossed that we’ll pass and won’t have to endure the three-hour screening.  For some reason, I have been SO nervous and SO dreading this screening.  Y’all know I just absolutely love to eat, and I can’t imagine having to restrict and monitor what I eat all the time if I end up having gestational diabetes.  But, my nurse told me there’s nothing I can do to prepare for the screening or prevent failing it (other than avoiding a sugary breakfast tomorrow).  So say a little prayer that my bloodstream kicks butt during the screening!

I AM excited about hearing the little one’s heartbeat tomorrow.  My favorite sound in the world. J  And I think that after tomorrow, we start going every two weeks, which will be MUCH better.  Only problem is, two weeks from tomorrow we’ll be at the beach, so I may try to sweet talk my doctor into letting us come in for a quick checkup before our vacation.

The third trimester crept in slowly, but has brought with it all sorts of aches and pains.  On the way home from Columbia yesterday, my back was in so much pain I was fighting back tears.  Also, this morning my legs, hips, pelvis, and back felt like I’d run a marathon when I really haven’t exercised in three days.  I still managed to get my dimply butt on the treadmill, and it actually felt good to walk out some of the pain.  I hope this discomfort is temporary and not here to stay for the next twelve weeks!

We hope to finish the nursery (for the most part) before our big vacation (which is in TWO WEEKS… my precious nephew reminded us many times that we’d see him again in TWO WEEKS!).  I will post some pictures as soon as we get it looking good – I LOVE it so far!

Thank you again to my incredible family for a weekend I will NEVER forget.  Thank you to the guys for whisking away my hub for a “man shower” (aka golf weekend) and giving him a chance to get away from his pregnant, cranky wife.  And thank you to my favorite women in the world for reminding me that family is, indeed, the most important part of living.  J
27 Weeks!
27 Weeks Under Cover

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