Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Dreaded Double Pee

As I have mentioned a million times, the hub and I are knee-deep in home improvement projects.  As his dad often says, he is nesting as much as I am!  Because of this, we have spent many weekends roaming the aisles of stores like Target, IKEA, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, HomeGoods, World Market… and the list goes on, and on, and on.  Other than making progress on the house, I have also succeeded in learning the whereabouts and quality of each store’s restroom facilities.  Yes, that’s right, I am turning into the pregnant clich√©.

Funny thing is, just two weeks ago my sister-in-law asked if I found myself peeing all the time.  My answer was no, that is actually one of the symptoms I managed to escape (even though the rest of my pregnancy has been pretty textbook).  Well, the pregnancy gods must have heard me, because almost on cue I began having to pee all.the.time.  I mean like, omigosh, I have to go RIGHT now, if I don’t, I’ll explode – and then I get to the bathroom and it’s like a trickle.  And I’m like, are you serious, that’s it?!  And OH – the dreaded double pee – if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know exactly what I’m talking about – I finally find myself in a bathroom, relishing in the sweet relief of emptying my bladder.  Leave the stall, wash my hands, and leave the bathroom only to realize that nope, I’m not done, I have to go again.  Immediately.  What the heck?!

So if you’re ever visiting Winston Salem, doing a little shopping around town, I can tell you the exact whereabouts and quality of every single restroom in almost every single store.

Now, on to more exciting matters – like the little bug causing me to have to pee every other minute – he/she is DEFINITELY a morning person, just like this mama.  As I wrote last week, he/she always turns sideways when I am sleeping.  Every morning when I wake up, I can feel the kicks, punches, and squirms on my sides – movements that will actually ripple throughout the rest of my stomach – and I just lay there and take it all in.  This is definitely his/her most active time.  Sometimes I don’t feel much movement throughout the day (sometimes not any if I’m really busy), but the bug never lets me down in the mornings.  J

I think I’m continuing to go through a belly growth spurt, which is fine by me.  Bring it on!  If I’m going to harbor all of these pregnancy symptoms, I’d at least like to have something to show for it!  The weeks are definitely creeeeeping by ‘til my next appointment, which is next week for the big glucose test.  I THINK this is my last four-week wait between appointments, hallelujah.  The past four weeks has been the longest wait yet, and I hate not having the affirmation that all is well in there.

We had a pretty laid back, 4th of July with just the two three of us.  I baked some delicious brownies, we grilled out, and I finally convinced my hub to let me put a pool in the backyard.  Not quite the pool you’re probably envisioning, though.

Yum!!  (And yes, that is a bite out of the bottom left corner.)
No diving allowed!
She eventually fell in... Bailey is NOT the biggest fan of swimming!

I have to admit, it gets the job done.  I’ve been so sick of being stuck inside between my grad school work, home improvement projects, and the heat, so this little pool is just what this mama-to-be needs. J 

In exciting news, we got to celebrate our dear friends’ future addition at a baby shower this weekend!  She is due August 15th, and she’s GORGEOUS!  I hope I look like that when I’m a month away from my due date!  (We actually took a picture together about two months ago, so feel free to scan back to compare!)

We are EXACTLY 8 weeks apart!

I can’t WAIT until my baby shower, which is this weekend!!  My sisters have been working hard, and I know I’ll be blown away by all they’ve done.  The boys are taking the hub to Charleston for a “man shower” (whatever the heck that means), so it’ll be a girls’ weekend in Columbia and I am so, so ready to be surrounded by my favorite women!

T minus less than three months ‘til Baby Peele’s due date – holy moly!!
26 weeks!
26 weeks covered up, and...
26 weeks dressed up for the baby shower!

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