Sunday, May 15, 2011

Underwear Frustration

Ok, so I understand that many of my male relatives frequent this blog – including dads, fathers-in-law, brothers, brothers-in-law, uncles, etc. – so if you guys would prefer not to read about my undergarment frustration, you can skip on down a couple paragraphs. J 

Anywho, for the rest of you who may find humor in this – my rear end is huge.  No really.  I’m having major underwear frustration.  Now, to be fair to myself, at my last doctor’s appointment I had only gained a pound; however, the fact that every single piece of underwear I own either refuses to stay up or creeps in to give me the ultimate wedgie proves that something has gone on back there.  I like to call this ‘something’ the giant spread.  I am convinced that my hips and backside have definitely taken an east to west journey… not only proven by my lack of undergarments that fit, but also by the ridiculous hip pain that wakes me up about six times a night.  It looks like its time for some big girl panties.  Yeesh!

Ok, male family members – you’re welcome to join the conversation again.  Sorry for the embarrassing quip about undergarments, but this blog always has and always will reveal the pretty and ugly truths of growing a human being!

My hub and I had a GREAT week this week.  I was able to distract myself from the stress of work with quite a few fun events.  First, we found a daycare that we love.  We’re on the waiting list, and won’t really know if we get in until our little one makes his/her debut.  Yes, we have all of our eggs in one basket and yes, we know we probably shouldn’t do that.  But this is the place we want!!  So, we’ll see.

We were also able to head down to see our dear, dear friends who are also expecting.  She is about 8 weeks ahead of me and I was way jealous of her baby bump!!

I was especially jealous of how she looks like she just has a basketball under her shirt!  My sister and sister-in-law both carried this way, so I was convinced that she, too, was having a boy.  Lo and behold, they just found out that I was right!  It’s a boy!!  Since I am carrying in every nook and cranny of my body (along with other Old Wives’ Tales that match up with my pregnancy so far), I’m pretty convinced there’s a little girl in there. J

Anyway, we went to their house and were treated to delicious grilled out steaks.  We miss them so much and look forward to many playdates in just a few short months!

In other HUGE news, we had our Anatomy Scan this week!!  I was a ball of nerves and excitement, and I am thrilled to say that everything looks great.  Our little bug was measuring right on schedule and is currently 9 ounces of pure joy.  We got to see his/her brain, heart, aorta, kidneys, umbilical cord, lips, feet, etc.  It was amazing and went by wayyyy too quickly.  Unless the doctor feels a need to have another ultrasound, that is the last time we’ll see our baby until his/her birthday!

Look at the little opened mouth!  His/her legs were crossed and you can see little toes!

We ventured down to South Carolina this weekend so that hub could play in a golf tournament.  I had some much anticipated quality time with my sister and nephew and some more dear friends.  My incredible sister even spent her Saturday helping me register, and I honestly don’t know that I ever could have done it without her!  She gave great advice, told me what I did/did not need, and was patient while I mulled over high chair versus high chair and jumper versus jumper.  Thanks Lu!!!!! J

As soon as we got home today, hub wanted me to show him everything, which I loved.  His reaction mirrored the way I felt in Babies ‘R Us… there’s going to be a lot of STUFF coming into this house!  It's time to start a house cleanse... Let the nesting phase begin!

I’m still feeling pretty great, with only hints of nausea during long car rides or when I’m tired.  I wish I had more time to exercise these days… it really bothers me that I don’t get to more often.  Between work being so stressful, grad school kidnapping my life outside of work, and still feeling pretty exhausted, I rarely get to walk/jog/run like I want to.  But I guess things will slow down eventually.  The only good result is that on the days that I can exercise, my hip pain is worse, so at least my hips are getting a little break.  My sister-in-law’s maternity pillow is still saving my life (and is only occasionally hijacked by Bailey!).

I’m feeling our little bug more and more – pretty much everyday, some days more than others.  It is absolutely incredible… the best part of my days and what I look forward to every single minute. J

18 Weeks! (My sister informed me that it looks much bigger in person!)
18 Weeks in Pink!

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