Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

First of all, to all of the mamas out there – Happy Mother’s Day!!  Many people would probably debate whether or not this is my first Mother’s Day – I’m sort of on the fence.  No, I do not have a child to hold in my arms… yet.  But every single decision I have made since January 31st has revolved around the life growing inside of me.  Doesn’t that sort of make me a mom?  And I already love our little one so, so much… I am this baby’s mom.  Period.

Regardless, my husband has been incredibly wonderful to me today.  He gave me a sweet card and two adorable onesies.

As you can see, he has both sexes covered!

AND we made some groundbreaking progress today on the nursery – we bought a crib and dresser!!!

AND we picked out our bedding!!

AND tonight, we are headed on a movie date – a movie that I got to choose!  (Something Borrowed, here we come!)

AND we have a tour scheduled tomorrow at a 5-star childcare center to try to get on the waiting list!!!

It’s been a wonderful day, and I can’t wait until next year when our son/daughter is here to make me feel even more special on Mother’s Day!

Work has continued to be insane, making me incredibly stressed.  That, on top of grad school, on top of a never-ending To-Do list around the house have me feeling quite overwhelmed.  My hub tries to keep me grounded and sane, though that’s a task in itself.  I’m really trying to take things one day – or more like one hour – at a time.  I am trying to enjoy every second of this pregnancy (now that it’s enjoyable!), and not let it go by too fast.  That’s sort of the Catch 22 about pregnancy, I think… You want to speed through the weeks, thinking the further along you get, the more likely things are to be okay – but then again, you don’t want to miss a single minute.  I want to take in every weird symptom, every joyful kick (more on that in a minute), every questionable ache (hello pelvic pressure!).  So here’s to finding a balance between getting through each day and enjoying each day.

As for feeling kicks – I am definitely feeling plenty of flutters and a strong movement every now and then.  It is so exciting!!!!!  Every morning feels like Christmas – I wake up, so thrilled to see how often I’ll feel our little one.  I revel in the quiet, still moments, as these are the moments when he/she seems to like to give me the most movement.  But every single day is just so exciting as I anticipate a kick or a jab!  I cannot WAIT until the movements are strong enough so that my hub can feel them from the outside!  I want him to experience this, too!

Off we go on our movie date – bless my sweet hub for sitting through a chick flick!!

Under a tank that once wasn't so tight!

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