Sunday, May 22, 2011

There IS an end to my belly button!!

If you’ve ever really looked at my belly button – which it’s kind of weird if you have (unless you’re my hub) – it’s like a never-ending cavern.  It’s always been questionably deep.  But lo and behold, there IS an end to the great big hole!  As my stomach gets bigger, the end of my belly button creeps closer and closer into view.  It’s kinda weird, or at least I think so.  My husband is anxiously waiting for the day that it finally pops out.  You see, when my older sister was pregnant, he was, for some reason, so interested in whether her belly button had popped out yet and if she saw it the moment that it did.  It ended up being quite a humorous conversation.  So now that he has his own wife’s pregnant belly to enjoy, I think he’ll probably find it entertaining to watch the flattening out of the belly button.  He’ll probably hold his breath for the POP of the button making its outward appearance… I hope it doesn’t disappoint and

WOAH my little baby just punched me in the stomach!  Holy cow!  That was awesome.  Just before I started typing I was thinking that I was still really enjoying the little flutters I feel every now and then, but hoped to have some more significant movement soon.  Then I started typing and BAM.  I swear if my shirt had been lifted up you would’ve seen it, it felt so strong!!  Love it!!!!!!

Unfortunately I have an anterior placenta (which means the placenta is in front of the baby), so it will still probably be a couple weeks until the movement is continuously strong enough to be seen/felt from the outside.  But hopefully that little punch was a sign of things to come.  Our little bug must know we’re about to go pick up his/her nursery furniture!!!

We’ve been in home improvement mode for the past couple of days.  My awesome husband painted the living room all by himself and it looks PERFECT!  I love love LOVE the color… it’s called Autumn Fog – a grayish-blue.  My hub still isn’t 100% sold on the color, which if you know him at all, this probably won’t surprise you (it takes him awhile to – ah hem – commit.)  And then we went and bought some new living room furniture!  We’ve been looking since January (well, HE’S been looking… again, he likes to think things through J) and finally gave in to a sectional and chaise we’d seen at Rooms To Go.  It’s espresso, which I think is going to look awesome against the new wall color.  Now my sweet, sweet hub is in the process of changing ALL of the outlets to child-safe outlets and rearranging the entire living room in anticipation of our new furniture.  It comes a week from Tuesday and we can’t wait!

If you can’t tell already, the nesting phase has already started knocking on my door.  I long for school to be out so that I can just work on the house!  I want to clean, purge, organized, rearrange, etc.  It’s driving me crazy!

Tomorrow we have our 20-week checkup – It’s crazy to wrap my brain around almost being halfway through!  As much as I cannot WAIT to have our little one here, I want to savor every single day I have left to have our little bug inside of me.

While my recent bump pictures don’t look all that different (I think I started popping pretty early), I have been feeling a lot bigger lately.  It must just be the rearranging of my insides.  Running is getting a lot harder, especially on my back.  But I know I’ll look back at these bump pictures as I get farther along and think that it was tiny!

Ok, off to pick up our furniture – As we get the nursery going, I will take pictures, of course!  I’m praying for a GREAT checkup tomorrow followed by a week that goes by FAST because this is going to be my most stressful week of the year for my job! L  But if I can just focus on this sweet little baby, I’ll be just fine!

P.S.  You’ll be happy to know, I bought some new undergarments this weekend!

19 Weeks!  (By the way, not quite sure how long the bare belly pics will be on display... Just sayin'.)
You can see our new wall color in the background!

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