Friday, August 12, 2016


A few Friday confessions for your reading pleasure!

~We're having an exhausting week in the Peele house as we all try to adjust to our new schedules, which revolve around CK's PreK program.  I get up extra, extra early now to speed walk waddle the neighborhood before the rest of the house stirs, then return home to get everyone up and running for the day.  I have to pick her up between 2:30 and 3:00, which means I'm having to bump up E's nap to 12:00, which means he is typically falling apart around late afternoon/dinner time.  And sister is, too, because although they get an hour of "rest" time at school, she's only actually dozed off once, and her love of all things PreK is wearing her sweet little self out.  Anyway, I think it's gonna take us awhile to get into the new swing of things!

~Another reason I'm dragging is because of the Olympics!  I am obsessed with all things Olympics, especially the gymnastics... which has had me up until almost midnight twice this week.  And that's late for this big ol' pregnant mama!

~And another confessions surrounding the Olympics?  Last nights gymnastics had me in tears!  #blamethehormones

~The other day I ordered a new cell phone case, and when it came I was so frustrated.  It would not fit!  I was just about to box it up to ship back to the company when I realized it wasn't fitting because I hadn't taken the old case off of my phone.  Oops.

~And speaking of the fit of things, I must confess that I am quickly running out of clothes that cover this belly.  Like, I'm rotating between about five different options over here.

~And even though I'm only a few short weeks away from meeting this sweet caboose to our family, I confess that I still have a hard time believing I'm actually pregnant.

~I snore like a drunken sailor.  Not in my everyday life, just in my end-of-pregnancy life.  Like, I wake myself up with my snores.  Bless my poor, tired husband.

~I confess that I miss CK like crazy during the day!  But, I enjoy being a one-kid mama for a little while and sometimes feel like I can actually get stuff done (even though that one kid is a wild little Dennis-the-Menace of a boy who keeps me on my toes!).

~And I also confess that my new favorite part of the day is picking CK up from school.  The radio stays off, my phone is on silent, and we talk all about her day.  She tells me everything - what songs they sang, what she did in her small group, which center she went to (dramatic play! coloring! blocks! cutting!), who she played with on the playground, what they had for snack, who got sent to "the chair" for bad behavior - I look forward to our conversation all day long!

~I am so excited about having another baby, but am also so nervous about being a mama to three - especially a newborn and the aforementioned Dennis the Menace.

 ~I confess that since CK started school, we haven't done family dinners together as much as I'd like. We typically eat dinner altogether as a family Sunday through Thursday.  On Fridays and Saturdays, T and I feed the kids, put them to bed, and then have dinner and watch DVR'd tv just the two of us.  It's what works for our family, and it sets aside some special time for my hub and me on the weekends where we can eat dinner in peace without continuously answering "But how many more bites?!".  However, as I mentioned, we're all trying to adjust to this new schedule, and the kids are hungry and cranky from about 5:00 on.  Add to that the fact that TJ typically doesn't get home until almost 6:30, and our evenings have just been a hot mess lately.

~I was supposed to go to the dentist back in February, but was so incredibly first-trimester-nauseous that there was no way anyone was going to be all up in my mouth.  So, I cancelled.  And never rescheduled.  I don't think I've ever been this long without going to the dentist!

~I have been all about some PopTarts lately.  CK got to have them at the beach, and one morning I indulged and never looked back.  Brown sugar and S'mores are totally my jam, and there may or may not be a box hidden at the very top of the pantry so no kid (or husband) eyes will see them...


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