Friday, August 5, 2016

5 on Friday!

First things first...
My girl started PreK this morning!  We spent all day yesterday getting her ready - packed her bags, completed her first homework assignment (which was to decorate her take-home folder), tried on her new tennis shoes, and read T'was the Night Before Preschool before tucking an equally excited and nervous CK into bed.  
This morning she was up early and was so, so cute.  Meanwhile I was so, so nervous!  But drop-off went great.  We made it a family affair, and T, E, and I all walked her to her classroom.  A couple obligatory pictures and hugs and kisses later, we were outta there and she happily worked at her table surrounded by new friends.  I fought back tears all morning, and cannot wait to scoop her up in a little while and hear all about her day!

And speaking of preschool - there is a little boy in her school who has very severe food allergies, so the entire school is peanut- and tree nut-free.  Also, no sesame, or hummus, or mustard.  So I'm at a loss for what to pack for lunches everyday since so many of those foods are staples in CK's diet.  Any suggestions?!

And while we're still on CK, I need some HELP!!  All the girl wants for her birthday and Christmas is a Baby Alive.  Like, the old-school version - which is basically impossible to find.  She has the "snacking" version, and the baby who drinks water and wets a diaper - but she wants this one.  And yes, $170 is the cheapest I can find!  Insane!!  It really is all she wants, and she has become obsessed after watching videos of people playing with and feeding the doll on Kids YouTube... so please, if you see this doll anywhere or have any insight as to where I can get it cheaper - let me know!

And since we've been all about some CK lately - let's talk about Dennis the Menace Everette!  My little stinker of a son continues to be all boy, giving me a run for my money from the moment his feet hit the floor in the morning.  Also, he has been extra fussy and clingy and whiny lately - which has been tough since I am nearing the end of growing a massive baby.  I'm hoping it's the result of incoming two-year molars and not just the beginnings of two-year-old behavior/tantrum shenanigans, but I guess time will tell!  Despite his deep-breath inducing moments, he keeps us smiling and laughing all day long.  His vocabulary has absolutely exploded lately - with some of his favorite phrases being, "Where did Daddy go?" "Watch this, mommy!" "Yook, mommy, yook!" "I don't want it!" and, of course, "Everette pooted!"  I'm trying to soak in every bit of him, because in five weeks (or less!) his whole world will change and he'll no longer be the baby!!  Man oh man I love this boy...

Last, but certainly not least... tomorrow some of my dear girlfriends here in GA are throwing me and #3 a sprinkle!  I remember when the girls offered and we picked a date, it seemed so far away and like it was so close to my due date - and now, here we are!  Ahhh!  I can't wait to focus on all things baby while being surrounded by some of my most favorite women, and I am so honored they wanted to do this for us. <3

Happy FriYAY, have a wonderful weekend!

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