Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I've Learned Lately...

1.  Trying to pack up your house with a two-year-old on the loose is like trying to brush your teeth with Oreos.  Our house is an absolute disaster, and every time I put something into a box, CK pulls two things out of a box.

2.  I swear, the minute I turned thirty, my metabolism slowed to a c-r-a-w-l.

3.  I need to learn to trust my mama-gut more (pun [see #2] NOT intended).  Cameron hurt her leg on Saturday while playing with said moving boxes.  By Sunday, she would not stand up, let alone walk.  She screamed in pain when we'd try to get her to put weight on it.  We were going to wait it out a day, but a call to the pediatrician made us feel like we should take her to get an x-ray ASAP.  Lost packing hours and hundreds of dollars later, she had a clean bill of health.  Twenty-four hours later, she started to put weight on it again and she's slowly improving.  I should have trusted my mama-gut from the beginning!

4.  I'm so sick of bad news.  Bag luck/bad news/bad things apparently do NOT only come in threes for T and me. 

5.  Speaking of T, he is my rock.  Always has been, but especially lately.  This family would crumble without his spirit, his calmness, his tenacity, his heart.

6.  A year later, Cameron is still not amused by Santa.  For the second year in a row, she had an absolute Santa-induced meltdown.  After twenty minutes of trying to bribe her and sitting on his lap myself we finally got a picture of her standing beside him.  I would've forced her to sit on his lap for the always hilarious screaming-toddler-Santa picture, but she literally writhed and flailed and kicked and screamed anytime I tried, and he was not amused.

7.  Santa-phobia aside, Christmas is absolutely magical as a mama.  This is the first year CK is starting to "get it," and she seems to understand everything more than I ever thought she would as a two-year-old.  I am having the BEST time with her right now, and will never take for granted living life through her eyes.  We have been very busy doing all things Christmas, squeezing out every minute of the day we can to soak in the holidays together, and it is helping to make my heart so happy.

Merry almost Christmas!

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  1. hahaha!! I love the pic of her standing NEXT TO Santa .) cute!!
    Thank your lucky stars you are blessed to have a rock like T to be next to 24-7.
    Things have been up and down with Roger and I for the last 7 years [not sure if you remember him from DFHS or not... He graduated in 00 - I graduated with Lindsay] You are certainly blessed to have a spiritual rock like him in your life!!
    things are on the up and up now [but buying a house is SO STRESSFUL! so I'm about to feel your pain with the trying to pack with a child and all...]
    Y'all are constantly in my prayers.