Thursday, December 12, 2013

By the Numbers

6 - days I have left of work... I can't believe that next Friday I'll walk out of Moore for the last time.

12.5 - days until Christmas.  Ahhhh!!

0 - presents I have left to buy for T or CK.  Boom!

4 - girls surrounded me last night in a sort of "farewell" get-together.  It was delicious food, lots of laughs, some alcohol and cupcakes, and a night I will always remember.

16ish - the number of pills I now take per day.  With some Pepto thrown in every now and then when my stomach can't handle the intake.  (see previous post)

5 - more days until I get my hair cut and colored.  Woo!

6.5 - the number of seasons of Dexter T and I have watched.  We're halfway through the sixth season, and we can't.stop.watching.

14 - how many weeks I *should* be pregnant. :(  It's so hard to not think about, every second of everyday.

3 - the levels I've completed on my Jillian Michaels workout DVD.  She's kicking my butt!

10 - the number of things we've completed on our Kindness Inspires Kindness project list!!

20ish - minutes we tried to bribe convince CK to sit on Santa's lap.  No dice.

1 - package lost so far by the postal service after my Cyber Monday extravaganza.

16 - days until we MOVE.  Tentatively.  Fingers crossed all goes well with contracts, etc. over the next two and a half weeks!

2 - boxes that are packed.  Guess I'd better get motivated!

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